Mayo Chiki! Series Collection Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see Keiichiro Kawaguchi’s romantic comedy Mayo Chiki! on DVD.

mayo chiki 1Based on Hajime Hasano’s light novel, Mayo Chiki! follows 17 year old Kinjiro, who has some very particular mummy issues: he is afraid of women because he used to get bullied by his mother, who happens to be a wrestling champion. To make matters worse for poor “Jiro” his little sister uses him as a training dummy in order to follow her mother’s steps. A weird side-effect of Kinjiro’s fear of women is that his nose spontaneously starts to bleed every time a girl touches him. The fearful teenager is unable to control this reaction, forcing him to not having any contact with his beautiful female classmates, which leads to rumours that he might be into men.

mayo chiki 3Jiro’s fate changes when he discovers that Konoe, the coolest and best-looking guy in class, is actually a girl. Konoe is also the butler of the school’s popular principal Suzutsuki, and since tradition has it that only males can be butlers, Konoe is forced to act like a boy in order to keep serving Suzutsuki.

When Suzutsuki finds out that Jiro discovered Konoe’s secret, the sadistic “girl next door” forces him to keep this a secret. In exchange Suzutsuki promises to help Jiro overcome his fear of women, but the schoolboy unsuspectingly gets involved in a twisted love triangle that will put him in the most awkward situations ever, all to protect the cute butler’s secret.

mayo chiki 2Mayo Chiki! Is another classic school romantic comedy with an harem-type of conflict as part of the plot. This formula may seem a bit repetitive but in this case it works perfectly, especially since the main character’s rather lame fear of women provides reason enough to use the comedic potential 100% by getting him to face the most outrageous and hilarious situations a teenager can end up in.

mayo-chiki-dvd-madmanThe characters are very likeable and the animation is beautiful, with typical designs and a lot of fan service and Ecchi scenes, with some of them at the edge of falling into the Hentai-category.

The 13 episodes series are a lot of fun and extremely addictive, as the viewer won’t be able to stop laughing from beginning to end with Jiro and his kawaii friends that won’t stop until his illness is fully gone.

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Mayo Chiki! Is now available in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here.