‘Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions’ Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see the hilarious and moving Love, Chunibyo & other Delusions on Blu-Ray.

love-chunibyo1The story follows Yuta, a young student who wants to leave his past behind, as he used to be a “chunibyo,” a kind of illness among many Japanese teens, who are convinced themselves that they have super powers. Yuta’s alter ego, the “Dark Flame Master,” alienated himself in primary school, leaving him without any friends. He sees a second chance at popularity when he transfers to a new high school where nobody knows him. However, this wish doesn’t go according to plan. He meets Rikka Takanashi, an extremely delusional “chunibyo,” who happens to be his upstairs neighbor and whose past carries a painful memory.

Soon enough, and despite Yuta’s attempts to keep his distance from Rikka, the two become close. They even form the ‘Far Eastern Napping Magic Society’ club alongside Kumin, a girl who only wants to sleep, and Shinka Nibutani, the hottest girl in school who, for some weird reason, seems interested in what Yuta and Rikka do. To make matters worse, Rikka has a disciple, Sanae, a third-year junior high student who is even crazier than Rikka.

love-chunibyo2Love, Chunibyo & other Delusions is one of those addictive light comedies with simple stories and hilarious characters who are easy to fall in love with. The plot is cleverly developed with a mixture of comedy and drama. The moment when the truth behind Rikka’s obsessive “chunibyo” behavior is unveiled is sure to touch every viewer’s heart, and even result in some tears.

The highlights of the series are its awkward and outrageous comedy scenes, especially when the characters are full in character, imagining epic battles, like in the most epic animes. When the scenes are cut and we see what the battles are in reality, hilarity ensues.

love-chunibyo3Each of the characters shine and there is a great chemistry among them all, allowing them to create strong connections. The animation is flawless, with colourful scenarios, expressive characters and some great super-deformed sequences.

The Blu-Ray includes some fun Chuni-shorts, with quick jokes and awkard situations unveiled in a few minutes, which are totally worth watching. In addition, the collection has the classic textless songs and promotional Japanese videos.

Overall, Love, Chunibyo & other Delusions is one of the most enjoyable series we have seen: it’s easy on the eye and doesn’t rely on fan service or overblow its characters or action to amaze viewers. Its balance of comedy and drama is simply fantastic. It will make you laugh like crazy, and will also touch your heart, with its very relatable lead character and his backstory. A tale of friendship, school romance and delusions that must be seen!

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Love, Chunibyo & other Delusions is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.