‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Chapter 1’ Review

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see another live action adaptation of a popular manga. Takashi Miike‘s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure feature has finally arrived in Australia on DVD!

The film follows Josuke Higashikata (and his extravagant hair-style) who is part of a select secret group of extraordinary humans who can manifest supernatural powers known as ‘Stands’.

Suddenly, Josuke (also known as Jojo) gets caught in the middle of a battle between deadly Stand users. This ends up taking him on a journey to unveil the truth about a mystical Arrow capable of awakening latent Stand abilities in any human it hits.

Legendary Japanese director Takashi Miike takes on the challenge of bringing a very chaotic world to life, with the end result being as visually stunning as it is bizarre, with the odd hair of the leading characters, colourful and well-made visual effects and over-the-top acting.

For non-JoJo fans, the film might feel extremely confusing and way too silly to finish, especially because of the very average acting skills of the hero and villain of the film. Thankfully, the ‘Stands’ look simply great, and are showstoppers in every scene they get used as weapons.

So, is it fun? Of course, because Takashi Miike, manages to mix the unapologetically weird elements of the JoJo universe with some bad-ass battles with a sentimental touch. This first chapter opens the door for the series to continue expanding into a JoJo’s cinematic universe full of extravagant haircuts and colourful Stands! Bring it on!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter 1 is out now in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here.