Haikyu!! Season 2 Review

Thanks to Madman we finally got our hands on the second season of Haikyu!!

Following their defeat by the King of the Court, Shōyō Hinata and his Karasuno High team mates decide to train even harder to make it to the nationals, reason enough to go to Tokyo to take part in intense training camps alongside the capital’s biggest volleyball powerhouses.

During that time everyone in the team faces their own demons, with Hinata attempting to perfect a new type of fast attack alongside ace Setter Kageyama, something that will be handy during their upcoming tournament where they’ll face stronger teams, including the King of the Court himself once again.

What makes Haikyu!! unique is its clever mix of hilarious gentle comedy and adrenaline with each game becoming as stressful as a real-life one. Every single character shines and delivers laughs, from the main ones to the rivals and the benchwarmers.

There are also some good backstories that help develop secondary characters as well as a strong spirit of mateship and sportsmanship that makes the series totally appropriate for the little ones at home too.

Haikyu!! season 2 is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.