‘Ghost in the Shell’ (1995) Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Madman we had the privilege of seeing the anime classic Ghost in the Shell on Blu-ray.

Ghost in the Shell follows Major Motoko, an elite officer in Section 9 in a not so distant future where artificial intelligence has assimilated into society, and where determining what parts of human consciousness (called ‘Ghosts’ ) remain is necessary to decide who is alive and who is artificial.

Motoko and her team are tasked with tracing a master criminal known as The Puppet Master, who is capable of hacking into the minds of his victims.

After its 1995 release, Ghost in the Shell has been praised worldwide as one of the best and most influential anime’s ever made, and with Hollywood attempting to adapt it more than once. They finally released a live-action version last year starring Scarlett Johansson in a truly enjoyable film that, despite the massive budget and special effects, was still just no match for the original.

Ghost in the Shell is deep, even a bit languorous at times, but the narrative is so well written that it never bores, especially because of the intriguing characters, plot twists and action. Watching this classic in full Blu-ray quality adds an extra thrill to the experience making this a must-own release for every anime fan.

Ghost in the Shell is out now from Madman. Get your copy here.