‘Fruit Basket’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to watch 2001’s classic slice-of-life comedy ‘Fruit Basket – The Complete Series’ in high-definition Blu-ray.

The 26-episode series follows the story of Tohru Honda, a teenager who has recently lost her mother and is forced to live in a tent in the woods. Tohru’s tent gets destroyed by a huge storm but she luckily finds a house nearby. To her surprise her classmate Yuki ‘The Prince’, the most popular boy at school, lives there with his cousin Shigure.

Rapidly the boys agree to take her in if she can help with the cooking and housekeeping. However, soon enough, Tohru finds out that each member of the Sohma family has been cursed to transform into an animal from the Chinese zodiac every time they’re hugged by a person of the opposite sex. Yuki is cursed to become a Rat, while Shigure becomes a dog. Lastly Kyo, who recently started living with becomes a cat (the cat is not in the zodiac, but in a folk story is deceived by the rat and misses a feast). So they all start living together.

‘Fruit Basket’ gets its name from a popular game in Japan were each kid is named after a fruit to play. During her childhood, Tohru was called an ‘onigiri’ giving her the sensation of not belonging. Certainly, that’s the main issue for most of the Sohma members where each of them has their own abandonment or child abuse issues plus that terrible curse to deal with. Tohru, with her caring and resilient character, helps them one by one to see the world differently.

This light slice-of-life comedy anime is very fun to watch. The comedy is very similar to ‘Ranma 1/2’ with the random transformation issue. However, ‘Fruit Basket’ goes deeper by showing everyone’s emotions, capturing beautiful heartwarming moments as well as serious drama throughout the series.

The characters of the series are genuinely loveable. Tohru is an excellent main character; selfless, positive, but a bit of an airhead. While The Sohmas are all particularly funny in their own way and their back stories are great to watch.

Despite the simple animation and character design, ‘Fruit Basket’ is a must-watch anime that will certainly find a place in your heart. Get your copy here.