Dragon Ball Z Season 7: Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see Akira Toriyama‘s masterpiece,Dragon Ball Z, in its 7th season on Blu-ray.

dbz-season-7-still-2It’s been seven years since they’ve defeated Cell, and the Z-warriors have been living a peaceful life with Goku in the other world. Krillin finally finds a beautiful wife and surprises everyone with the news that it is no other than Android 18. Gohan pursues his studies, entering high school far from home, and lives his life as a normal teenager. However, his taste for justice forces him to create an alter-ego, ‘The Great Saiyanman’, to avoid being recognised in Satan City as a Z-warrior.

This season brings back the classic Martial Art Tournament seen at the beginning of the saga. Here, the two new members of the Saiyan family, ‘Goten’ and ‘Trunks’, will fight on a junior level, while the rest of the gang, including Piccolo, Vegeta and even Goku, will confront each other again to determine their strength. Moreover, to their surprise, a new character seems to have too much power and will create suspicion among the fighters.

Just prepare yourself, as this season leaves everything set for the new saga with Babidi and Majin Boo.

dbz-season-7-still-1Dragon Ball Z never disappoints and the Blu-ray edition is completely flawless. The fights are as good as the originals, but have been beautifully remastered. The episodes can be seen with English dub or Japanese with subtitles and also include the amazing marathon mode, so that viewers can see the entire saga non-stop.

Madman presents Dragon Ball Z Season 7 in Blu-ray and DVD. The extras include: interviews with voice actor Justin Cook (Raditz, Dende and Super Boo) and Funnimation’s Senior Mixing Engineer and Audio Manager Nathaniel Harrison, a collectible card came and textless opening and ending songs among with Madman trailers.

So, tuck yourself in and enjoy this amazing saga!

Dragon Ball Z Season 7 is now available in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here.