‘Dragon Ball Super’ Volume 5 Review


Thanks to Madman we got the chance to see the fifth volume of Dragon Ball Super on Blu-ray.

After encountering the infamous time-traveller Goku Black for the first time, Beerus, the God of destruction, Whis and Goku travel across the universe to try to find out who this new enemy from the future is by meeting with Kaioshin and his trainee Zamasu (who seems to have dislike for mortals).

After a quick sparring session with Zamasu , that only increases Beerus ‘ concerns, Goku returns to Earth and, alongside Vegeta and future Trunks, travels back to the future to face Goku Black. This is a battle with serious consequences for the Z warriors, who are forced to retreat more than once in order to come up with a plan that will force them to try old techniques. They never expect that sooner or later a terrible truth about the origins of Goku Black will be unveiled, putting all mortals in jeopardy.

Volume 5 is one of the faster-paced of the series so far, with quick episodes full of action and twists that take your favourite characters to the edge, with impressive battles and even a new transformation as Black unveils the night of the Super Saiyayin Rose.

The comedy bits (especially the ones courtesy of Bulma, Beerus and Pilaf) are perfect and bring balance to some very stressful moments. Furthermore, there is more character development between future Mia and Trunks, adding dramatic side to this outstanding saga.

The Blu-ray release also includes a feature with the English voice actors who bring Trunks and Mia to life, as well as the classic textless songs and Madman trailers.

Dragon Ball Super Volume 5 is out now from Madman. Get your copy here.