‘Dragon Ball Super’ Part I Review

Saiyan fans rejoice! Madman has done it again by bringing the new, highly anticipated adventures of the Z Warriors on Blu-ray!

Dragon Ball Super starts with the arrival on Earth of Beerus, the God of Destruction (yes it begins by segmenting the “Battle of Gods” film into episodes) just in time to crash Bulma’s birthday party.

Beerus’ hunger for the most delicious dishes is satisfied by Vegeta struggling to keep him happy in order to avoid the destruction of Earth. However, the proud Saiyan prince doesn’t take into account his other very hungry guest, Majin-Boo, who quickly gets into a fight with Beerus over some pudding and unleashes a colossal battle. Thankfully, Goku arrives from the other world to help stop their biggest enemy yet.

Say whatever you like about the silliness of GT (Including Vegeta’s moustache) or the lack of blood and comedy in Kai, Dragon Ball Super is what Dragon Ball fans needed, with all the beloved characters back in action and stronger than ever.

It is true the digital era mars the beauty of the animation, with some frames poorly drawn compared to the iconic hand-made drawings (the art of the transformation of Goku into Super Saiyan Level 3 is painfully bad). But, despite that, having one of the most iconic Japanese sagas back after so many years is reason enough to smile, especially because Super doesn’t try to reinvent the characters. It just adds some missing chapters that make the DBZ mythology even richer to the delight of every fan around. It features new villains and Super Saiyan transformations… seriously, what else do you need!?

Expect Kamehames, Final Flashes, and much more as Dragon Ball Super Part I is now available in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here and join the Z warriors in this new adventure to protect the Earth.