‘Dragon Ball Super’ Part 2 Review

The second volume of the highly anticipated anime hit Dragon Ball Super has finally arrived in Australia on Blu-Ray, and thanks to Madman we had a chance to check it out.

The Battle of the Gods continues with Goku now attaining the strength of the legendary Saiyan God and trying to defeat Beerus, the God of destruction in order to save Earth. However, despite his might, the universe’s strongest Saiyan fails. But not before earning the respect of Beerus, who decides to go back to sleep and give Earth another chance.

During this new period of peace Goku is forced by his wife Chichi to stop training and for once just work to be a good grandfather as Gohan and Videl’s first child Pan arrives. However, after finding out that Vegeta has managed to convince Beerus’ teacher Whis to train him, Goku tries everything to join the training, something Vegeta doesn’t appreciate.

All seems fine until Frieza, who was brought back to life by his old comrades, returns stronger than ever to seek revenge against Goku and the Z Warriors.

If you enjoyed watching the movie “Resurrection F” but you wonder how Goku and Vegeta got their new blue hair transformations, or why their battle suits looked different, the second volume of Dragon Ball Super has many of those answers in full, crystal clear quality.

In addition, it’s great to see the classic Dragon Ball comedy episodes back, especially showcasing Mr. Satan trying to convince some alien ambassadors that he was the one who stopped the God of Destruction. It’s also amusing to see Krillin becoming a police officer and giving Bulls a dangerous driving fine – among other feelgood sequences.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super is here to stay, and this second volume is a mandatory purchase for fans of this new chapter in the beloved saga. Get your copy here.