‘Death Parade’ Anime Review

Thanks to Madman we got to see Yuzuru Tachikawa’s Death Parade on Blu-Ray.

In this show, when people die they are sent in pairs to a mysterious bar, where they are forced by the bartender to play random games with their souls on the line. However, there’s a catch: the bartenders are also arbiters tasked to push the players to their limits in order to see the darkness inside them and judge them to decide if they go to Heaven and reincarnate or straight to Hell.

A bartender named Decim’s work is complicated when he meets a curious black-haired woman who seems to be impossible to judge.

Death Parade is a dark, fast-paced ride, a psychological thriller that feels like an animated version of “Saw” (minus the gore) with a well-developed story and good sub-plots featuring the recently deceased players. It’s quite addictive!

The animation is superb, and the occasional sprays of blood are just enough to set a twisted tone for the series.

Death Parade achieves most of its goals, but the ending of the season feels rushed and leaves a bittersweet sensation. Not even the OVA included on the extra features can fix.

In addition to the OVA, the Blu-Ray release comes with tons of textless songs, trailers and a silly clip featuring the English voice cast playing a pool game similar to the one in one of the episodes in the series.

Death Parade is now available from Madman. Get your copy here