‘Cowboy Bebop: Remastered Sessions Collection 1’ Blu-Ray Review

Space Cowboys are back!

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to re-watch the first half of the 1998 classic anime, Cowboy Bebop. Named as one of the coolest animations of the last 15 years, this series is back and fully remastered in Blu-ray and DVD.

Cowboy-Bebop1Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, Cowboy Bebop follows the story of ex-police officer, Jet Black, former Mafia agent, Spike Spiegel, female fatale, Faye Valentine, and computer genius, the eccentric Ed, together with their intelligent Welsh corgi, Ein.

Set in 2071, this science-fiction drama follows the group’s endeavors to capture bad guys and collect some money in exchange as they journey through the galaxy in their space ship, The Bebop.

Cowboy-Bebop3As the story unfolds, we see back stories of our main characters and their amazing skills and strategies for capturing villains. The antagonist, Vicious, is shown pretty early in the story, and his connection to one of the main characters leaves the viewer feeling very intrigued.

The futuristic settings are so well done in this series. And the story seems very realistic in terms of story depth, character development and convincing action sequences (featuring shootings and fight scenes), making you forget you are watching a science fiction story.

Cowboy-Bebop2Hailed as a masterpiece,Cowboy Bebop has successfully enthralled audiences since its release, thanks to amazing art direction, gorgeous hand drawings, and deep, two-set colouring in many scenes. In addition, the music composed by Yoko Kanno plays a crucial role in this series, with the bluesy, jazzy soundtrack perfectly accompanying the animation style and the underground content.

Cowboy-Bebop-blurayThe remastering of the scenes is fantastic: the high quality is apparent from the outset, with great resolution, as well as the 5.1 Dolby Surround in Japanese and English. To make things even better, it’s worth mentioning that the Blu-ray includes a thick booklet, entitled ‘The World of Cowboy Bebop’, which contains 40 pages of amazing drawings of every character in their original black and white (Manga) composition. The Blu-ray edition also includes DVD and Blu-ray Japanese Commercials, Music Videos, Textless Opening and many Audio Commentaries.

Overall, Cowboy Bebop is a no brainer:  a non-stop space adventure, featuring timeless animation, brought back by Madman Entertainment.

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Get your hands on this exceptional classic to relive the stories of the Bebop, or start getting involved if you haven’t seen this beautiful piece of art!. Get your copy here.