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I started Cosplay in 2013, I always saw these beautiful people dressing up since my first convention and wanted to be like them. I thought why not give it a shot, having never sewn in my life. I’m an artist by trade so I applied my skills from there, to creating my favourite characters. When looking for an outfit to create, it must have lots of detail and be as elaborate as possible; I love a good challenge.

1. When did this fascination for Cosplaying started?

2013, I was 20 and saw the most stunning Sylvanas Windrunner (WoW) cosplayer at Supanova, Sydney and wanted to be like her.

2. What was the first Cosplay you ever did??

My first cosplay was Black Canary from the DC comics. The costume was roughly put together with items I had in my wardrobe and a wig I borrowed from a friend.

3. What was the first convention you went to?

SMASH! 2008

4. What is your favourite character and why? (Favourite character or favourite character to Cosplay??)

Sylvanas_Windrunner_v1_By_Dusty_CartridgeThere are so many to choose from!! Favourite character would have to be Sylvanas Windrunner from the Warcraft universe by the game company, Blizzard Entertainment. She has a rich depth of character development, you feel sorry for her for what she has been put through but you cheer for her at the same time for evolving into the Queen of the Forsaken. She is a strong female character and doesn’t take poop from no one.

5. What is your most precious costume? How long did it take you to make it?

Tarecgosa from World of Warcraft, this was the first time I did an original design of a character I love. It was so interesting and nerve wrecking. I love this costume to bits, it took be a month to make, and I made everything for this costume, bar the shoes (one day!!). It’s my first costume from pre-construction to completion.

6. Can you name a character you are planning to portrait (portray) in the near future?

Raven Roth from Injustice: Gods among us, I love Raven with all my heart. She is the daughter of the Demon Trigon and human Arella; being a half demon and half human. Her strength to keep her emotions under control and her father’s influence shows what a strong character she is. It speaks to me on spiritual levels.

7. A costume you dream to be able to have/make someday?

The Xenomorph Queen, from the AVP Universe. Growing up with the Alien and Predator movies, I developed a deep love for the Xenomorphs and Yaujta (Predator). She is a badass, and a regal Queen, that is protective over her units. Imagine a 5ft 4 girl on stilts in an outfit like that, with retractable tongue. I do like the sound of that!

8. Have you ever joined or done a group Cosplay performance?

No I haven’t, though this year at EB Expo, I’ll be in a group of four (myself included), as barbarians from Diablo 3. I’m making our banner at the moment and we are all excited. We are even practicing our war cries.

Banner_Tarecgosa_By_Ducky_Jessica_Photography9. Have you ever participated in any Cosplay competition? (If yes, which ones?)

No, but I might one day if I get over my stage shyness.

10. Any funny convention or Cosplay story you can share with us?

I went to EB Expo last year in my Sylvanas Windrunner v1 outfit. I was taking a photo with this lovely couple, the event was pretty crowded so it took a few attempts, however this little kid and his father tried to run through the shot, I put my arm out with my bow to stop them. The poor boy jumped back, noticed I moved, stared at me, then his father then back at me, and started crying. I felt so sorry for him and thought I accidentally hit him, feeling so bad, I bent down and pulled out a bag of sweets I was saving for later and gave it to him. His father smiled and said “He thought you were a statue and freaked out when you moved” After the boy started eating the sweets he calmed down and asked to get a photo with me, and hugged me.

11. Have you had any strange encounters with fans of you/or the character you are portraying?

Not so strange, but rather my life is complete. At Supanova 2014, I dressed up as Tarecgosa and I saw John Jarratt, I ran up to him and said hello and fangirled that he was an amazing Aussie actor. He noticed my outfit and started talking to me about it. He asked if he could take the bull by the horns, I said sure. He took the two horns of my breast plate and gave it a jiggle. It was the most awesome thing ever!!

12. Any word of advice for people who would like to start in the world of Cosplay?

It is the most amazing, frustrating and rewarding hobby to get into. When starting out it might seem crummy or not to your standard, however it is a learning process, not matter what, keep on chugging. Then in a years’ time you’ll see how far you’ve grown and the skills you’ve learnt. This community is such a warm and welcoming one, there are always people who are more than willing to give you a hand or advice. Don’t be scared to give it a try :)

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