‘Charlotte’ Volume 2 Review

Thanks to our friends at Madman we had the chance to see the second part of Yoshiyuki Asai‘s supernatural light comedy, “Charlotte“.

After the shocking ending of the first part, Yu Otosaka is devastated and slowly getting used to his new life. However, everything is about to change as he finds his older brother who can leap through time. Combining their talents, a new group forms to fight the evil that threatens the ability-wielder with special skills leading to an unexpected finale.

Charlotte continues to amaze with its story, unique characters and pace. Despite being an excellent anime, though, the second part rushes a bit too much to wrap up, with just one character lifting all the weight and leaving a few loose ends.

Madman brings Charlotte Vol 2, to Australia. The Blu-ray extras include an OVA, web previews, English bloopers and textless songs. Get your copy here