Thanks to Madman we watched the science fiction psychological thriller “Chaos; Child” the sequel of “Chaos; Head” in high-quality Blu-ray.

“Chaos; Child” starts cold with a summary of the gruesome events that occurred in “Chaos; Head” If you haven’t watched it, no big deal as the series doesn’t rely on any knowledge of the previous season. The sequel follows the story of a group of gifted children called “gigalomaniacs” whose delusions are projected into the real world thanks to their supernatural talents.

Six years after its disastrous earthquake a new series of killings starts in Shibuya, attracting a group of high-schoolers in a newspaper club. They closely investigate the cases, interfering with the police investigation – especially Takuro Miyashiro, the club’s president. The group ends up getting horribly involved in the series of gory assassinations.

The anime starts slowly with an exposition dump that might bore some viewers, but picks up the pace rapidly, keeping you on the edge of your seat right through every episode. The twists and turns are terrific, making the series totally unpredictable and highly entertaining. All the main characters are interesting with good backstories and development.

The series’ artwork (especially the background art) is amazing and it’s easy to see the similarities to the real streets of Shibuya in Tokyo. The striking animation style and colour palette are integral to its intricate plot and gore scenes.

“Chaos; Child” is an exciting thriller with supernatural / sci-fi themes, and it’s a series we highly recommended to the adrenaline junkies out there.

Madman has released “Chaos; Child” in a Blu-ray and DVD combo. The extras include an OVA, textless opening and ending songs plus some anime trailers. Get your copy here!