‘Blue Exorcist’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to our friends at Madman, we had the chance of enjoy the paranormal horror series Blue Exorcist in crystal clear Blu-Ray quality.

Blue Exorcist bd 1When the frontier between the human and demonic worlds are trespassed by evil, mankind’s best chance for survival is to enlist professionally trained exorcists from the True Cross Academy, one of whom is Rin who, along with his brother, was raised by a respected priest. However, things get messy when, soon enough, Rin finds out that his real father is Satan himself.

Now a battle between Satan and his son will decide the fate of mankind.

Blue Exorcistis a very dark anime, full of biblical references and a huge amount of evil that might even scare impressionable viewers over its 25 superb episodes, which offer a non-stop journey into the underworld.

Blue Exorcist bd 3Every episode is well developed, and despite some of them being quite similar, the complex, yet cleverly crafted universe of Blue Exorcist is an absolute cracker. The series is full of scares, plot twists, clever comedy bits and tons of paranormal action, all complemented by stunning animation and an excellent score.

The Blu-Ray release includes what is perhaps one of the best extra features we have encounter in a while: there’s a series of bonus short movies, as well as an unaired special episode. In addition, the pack contains web previews, trailers and the classic textless songs.

Watch the trailer here

Blue Exorcist the complete series is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.