‘Blame!’ Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to check Netflix’s animated feature Blame! on Blu-ray.

After a virus takes over every automated process on Earth, mankind struggles to survive by living in underground cities as they are hunted down by robots known as the Safeguard.

Everything changes when a group sent out to scavenge for food is rescued by Killy, a mysterious wanderer whose goal is to fix the city and restore order in the world, ending the rule of the machines once for all.

Polygon Pictures’ Blame! is a very interesting anime sci-fi with modern “Appleseed”-styled 3D animation that mixes elements from I, Robot, The Matrix and Blade Runner. The action happens fast and the team behind the feature is not afraid to kill leading characters in a crude way while including some good unexpected twists.

Unfortunately, Blame! falls short on delivering on its premise, as it can’t come close to a proper ending and instead takes the easy path of open the finale for sequel that hopefully won’t be as slow as this one.

Blame! is out now on Blu-ray from Madman, and it includes a making-of that is totally worth watching. Get your copy here.