‘Attack on Titan’ voice actress Shiori Mikami to attend SMASH! 2017

Gearing for its biggest show yet, SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show continues to surprise Australian anime fans with more guests for SMASH! 2017 (August 19-20th).

SMASH! is delighted to announce that it will be bringing a third voice-acting guest to this year’s event: Japanese voice actress SHIORI MIKAMI. SHIORI MIKAMI is a Japanese voice actress and singer who is best known as the voice of Akaza Akari (Yuru Yuri) and Krista Lenz (Attack on Titan).

In 2012, she won the ‘Best New Actress’ award at the 6th Seiyu Awards in Japan. Since then, Mikami has had roles in Hyouka, Amagi Brilliant Park, Flying Witch, Big Order, and Kemono Friends. In addition to her work in various anime shows, Mikami has voiced many gaming characters as well. This include roles in Chain Chronicle, Gods Eater Burst, Valkyria Chronicles II, and Dynasty Warriors 8.