‘Aoharu x Machinegun’ Complete Series – Review

Thanks to our friends at Madman we had the opportunity to watch the action comedy ‘Aoharu x Machinegun‘ on DVD, based on the manga of the same name (Aoharu x Kikanjuu).

Student council president Hotaru Tachibana is a tomboyish high school girl with a weird sense of justice who always defends boys and girls in trouble. Hotaru dresses in the boys’ school uniform and due to her appearance is usually mistaken for a boy.

One day, while trying to avenge her best friend Kanae, Hotaru picks a fight with host club worker Masamune Matauoka who happens to be her new neighbour. They decide to duel with pellet guns inside the club. Hotaru is defeated and forced to join Masamune’s male-only Airsoft team to pay for the damages caused in the club.

Reluctantly, she joins his team ‘Toy Gun Gun’, which has only one extra member who lives in Hotaru’s apartment complex, the loner hentai manga illustrator Toru Yukimura.

Hotaru gets hooked by the adrenaline rush of the survival games and by the blossoming friendship with his teammates. However, the boys don’t know she’s a girl.

Aoharu x Machinegun‘ starts exactly the same way as ‘Ouran High School Host Club‘ (see review here)  and then becomes more like a male version of ‘Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3’ (see review here) as our main girl – who doesn’t like airsoft games – starts to feel bloodthirsty in the battlefield.

The series has lots of nail-biting moments during the games and one-on-one battles, but during the tournament is when the series reaches its highest point.

The animation during the fights is fast-paced and has great action shots. There’s goofy comedy throughout the series, especially in the interactions between the lovable and fun ‘Toy Gun Gun’ members and tons of drama. Their arch-enemies from ‘Hoshishiro’ are also intriguing and awkwardly funny. It’s always interesting trying to guess their next move.

Overall ‘Aoharu x Machinegun‘ is a fun ride through the grown-up airsoft world. The 12 episode series include a hilarious extra special episode where ‘Toy Gun Gun’ is invited to play in a cosplay airsoft battle.

Madman brings ‘Aoharu x Machinegun’ to Australia in DVD.  The extras include textless opening and ending songs.

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