‘And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online’ Series Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see the romantic comedy ‘And you thought there is never a girl online’ about a group of friends that play a popular multi-role player game called Legendary Age (LA).

Hideki Nishimura is a first-year high school otaku who, in the game, proposes to a cute cat-girl only to find out she’s a man in real life. He’s has been avoiding getting married to avoid heartbreak ever since.

He joins a guild, the alley cats, and they rapidly become friends. Ako, a girl player and member of his guild gets infatuated with Russian (Hideki’s character) and after a while they get married in the game. The other two players in the guild are male: ‘Schwein’ and ‘Master’.

After a year of playing together, the group decides to meet in real life for the first time and to Hideki’s surprise all the characters are girls attending his high school.

Ako, his wife in the game, can’t differentiate between real life and the game, and she believes they are genuinely in love and married. Master, who happens to be a second year student and school president convinces them to create a club so they can play after school and help Ako to differentiate reality from the game.

This anime is a lot of fun and plays very well with your emotions. The light hearted story gets deeper as Hideki actually falls in love with Ako, and real friendships develop between the players.

The animation and character design is well done. The characters in real life and the game are appealing and lovable and the fight sequences are intense and fun to watch.

Overall ‘And you Thought There is Never a Girl Online’ is an entertaining romantic comedy that doesn’t disappoint.

Madman has released ‘And you Thought There is Never a Girl Online – Complete series’ on DVD and Blu-ray. Get your copy here