‘Actually, I am…’ Anime Review

Thanks to our friends at Madman we had a chance to see the supernatural comedy ‘Actually, I am…’ (Jitsu wa Watashi wa) on DVD.

The story starts when Asahi Kuromine decides to confess his love to Youko Shiragami. While trying to contrive the perfect scenario, he casually barges into the room to find out that she is actually a vampire. Panicking, she explains that if her identity is revealed she will be forced to leave the school.

Asahi is known in his class for being a blabbermouth, earning the nickname “Leaky Basket”. Despite this, he swears to do everything in his power to keep her secret. Before he can do anything, he is friend-zoned by the hopeless vampire.

Nagisa, the class representative, is suspicious about the sudden friendship between these two and while investigating she reveals herself as a tiny alien-soldier living in a human armour. Asahi can’t believe it as he had a crush on her a few years ago. Wondering what’s going on in his school, he decides to cover for her as well. Asahi then will do everything in his power to avoid spilling the beans and revealing their true identities.

‘Actually, I am…’  is a silly comedy filled with hilarious gags. The anime follows the classic harem formula but focuses more on comedy and many outrageous characters are introduced to stir things up.

The series has plenty of fan service and some heartfelt moments, but not much character development.

The art is very simple with fluid animation that incorporates bright colours and pleasing backgrounds. The character designs in the anime look very different to their manga counterparts, making the characters more appealing to new audiences with a modern and beautiful look.

Overall, ‘Actually, I am…’ is a good comedy that doesn’t dwell too deeply on its supernatural content. Give this series a chance if you can, you’ll have a good laugh with its lovable characters.

Madman brings ‘Actually, I am…’ to Australia in DVD. Get your copy here.