Featured Australian Artist: Sorab Del Rio and Silver fox comics launch the New Indie Zorro Comic!

Australian talens are back this 2011!. Now we are pleased to featured the first ever Zorro Story written by an Aussie! Sorab del Rio and Silver Comics Australia.

Silver Fox Comics is Australia’s most action packed independent comic publishing company. Our debut release is a new version of Zorro like you’ve never seen him before. Brace yourself for one of the most anticipated releases of the year! Written and produced in Australia. This is only the start – our next release is “Sergeant Skunge – The Hunt for Hitler’! Coming May 2011!

The new Zorro is being released in Australia in Feb 2011. Silver Fox is anticipating a US release later in 2011

This isn’t available in the US yet…but you can order online! But watch out for Silver Fox Comics – they’re about to attack the US soon.

For more information and to order an exclusive copy please visit www.silverfoxcomics.com.au

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