Featured Australian Artist: New Indie Zorro Comic by Sorab del Rio and Silverfox comics!

Some days ago we posted here about the release of a new comic book based on the character of The Zorro.

The comic is from a new Aussie indie publisher who launches it debut issue with new stories for the legendary Zorro! But be warned, this ain’t the fancy pants smooth Zorro you’ve seen before. This is Zorro witth drugs, guns, blades, fire, mysticism, samurais and zombies – what more could you ask for! It’s a double feature of 2 stories – that’s 52 pages of all out action, swashbuckling adventure, sex, guns, blades, fire and some of the fight scenes ever done!

Just imagine this: The Zorro vs a Samurai then Zorro vs a Zombie – crazy and totally bad ass!!! Plus watch out for Carmelita – one of the finest drawn babes we’ve  ever seen!

What else – believe it or not this is the first time an Aussie has written for Zorro! Watch out for publisher writer Sorab Del Rio – more in the works!. Moreover, we had the lucky honour of have acces to this first issue, thanks to our new friend and creator of the comic, Sorab del Rio and it`s simply outstanding, this is our final veredict:

“A classic character, like you have never seen before,  a fantastic rebirth of the character, full of new adventures and marvellous  artworks. The Zorro is now a real Dark Knight, for all the comic fans no matter the age, thanks to a talented Aussie, Sorab del Rio and SilverFox comics, capturing the essence of a timeless superhero to start a brand new saga” 10/10

A fully recomended adventure!, and the best thing is you can buy it online here, with delivery in Oz and overseas as well, you won`t be let down with this brand new saga!. As a bonus enjoy a preview below.

Don`t forget to visit www.silverfoxcomics.com.au for upcoming issues and news!

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