ACMI presents First Look: “Suddenly, Last Summer” in January 2012

Mania and melodrama abound the Academy Award®-nominated drama, Suddenly, Last Summer, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift, screening at ACMI in January 2012.

A grieving matron (Hepburn) manipulates a handsome psychiatrist (Clift) to lobotomise her beautiful niece (Taylor), who threatens to unearth the scandalous details of her son’s life.

Written for the screen by Gore Vidal and based on Tennessee Williams’ controversial play, the taboo themes of homosexuality and cannibalism were hamstrung by the Hollywood Production Code but thankfully the high theatrics were spared for this deliciously lurid Hollywood gem.

Pitting Taylor and Hepburn against one another earned each a Best Actress Oscar® nomination and provides the film with its most electric moments.

Imported 35mm print.

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1959, 114 mins, USA.

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Fri 13 Jan, 7pm
Sat 14 Jan, 7pm
Sun 15 Jan, 7pm
Mon 16 Jan, 5.30pm

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