On Tuesday Spotlight Report got the wonderful opportunity to attend Tropfest Australia’s VIP Launch Party, where they unveiled the talented 16 finalists whose films will screen at Centennial Park, as well as on SBS, on December 8.

The night took place at the back of the Vic in Enmore, a great place to hold a party with all the groovy graffiti around. But what stole the night, in my opinion, was the amazing artwork made especially for the Tropfest finalist films. The artists Alex Lehours, Blair Sayer, Cam Scale, Keo Match, Lachlan Bruce, Mike Watt, Sindy Sinn and Teem produced these spectacular movie posters that gained much of the crowds interest.

Another highlight to the night was the live audio visual show presented by the talented Ego, whose just been signed to close Falls Festival. Ego put on quite a show with the mesmerizing psychedelic cinema clips projected onto a big screen, alongside fantastic ambient tunes to nod your head to. I definitely drifted from conversation many times because I just couldn’t stop watching the screen. Some of the clips and editing were just really fascinating to watch.

Spotify, new sponsors to Tropfest, also made an appearance during the night, as guests were able to add their favorite tracks to the playlist. The playlist is available for viewing on Spotify if you look for Tropfest 22 Launch Party.


Overall it was a fun night, with great food, drinks and entertainment on offer. Here at Spotlight, we’re definitely looking forward to checking out the finalist films on December 8th.

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