The Vanns: The Makers And Shakers Behind Incredible Track, “Harder To Find”

Having solid influences from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Gang of Youths, Kiama indie-rock four-piece The Vanns will make you fall in love with their music instantly. With the release of their latest EP, Shake The Hand That Picks The Fight, we see a maturity progression from the band’s music – more passionate and self-assured. Being a young band but profoundly getting their name out there in the Australian local scene, The Vanns have what it takes to grow a successful and rewarding career.

With a huge track like, “Harder To Find”, you could say that they’re a local gem in the industry. The band took the time to answer some questions for us, walking through the band’s formation, learning curves and what they hope new listeners will gain from their music!

How did The Vanns originally form?

Four good mates having beers who wanted to write some tunes together.

Your recent single “Harder To Find” is an incredible track. What was the main inspiration behind the track?

We wanted to make a song that was a slight departure from our older songs, which challenged us. The song is based on seeing people around you, even your mates, lose all hope from substance abuse and putting yourself in the same situation unknowingly, then finding out how easy it is to get dragged into not caring and being blinded by time passing by.

This song comes off your upcoming EP release, Shake The Hand That Picks The Fight. How would you describe the dynamic of this EP compared to all your other releases?

I’d say the subject matter is a lot more serious than our previous EP’s, also our sound has changed sonically. Now that we’re a four piece, I feel the sound has shifted from “garage-surf-rock” to a more mature, musically dense sound. There’s a lot more music per square inch.

Were there any learning curves you came across while writing this EP?

Not so much in the writing of the songs, but in the recording of them. Before Cam [Little, guitar/keys/backing vocals] joined, we already had the final mixes ready for mastering. It sounded more like a blues-rock trio. We took the songs down to Cam’s home studio and experimented with weird sounds and loops, further building on what we already had to try and give the tracks more character.

You’ve done some shows with the likes of Sticky Fingers, The Delta Riggs and Kingswood so far. How have these experiences shaped the journey of the band?

It’s given us the opportunity to play in front of a new audience and learn from some of Australia’s best.

Since starting the band, what have been the highlights of your career so far?

We just played Party in the Paddock in Tassie a couple of weeks ago, which was one of the best shows we’ve played, and it’s definitely one of the best festival gigs. I’d say that’s a highlight. It sounds trite but I’d say the highlights are just playing shows and making music.

What do you hope new listeners take from listening to your music?

Literally anything. Just feel anything. We talk about this a lot, we just want to make music that means shit to people, because it means a lot to us.

Shake The Hand That Picks The Fight is available now

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