The Maine: Reaching Milestones and Being Outside Their Comfort Zones With “Lovely, Little, Lonely”

Arizona-based band The Maine have had a flourishing career over the years. Solidifying their pop-rock sound, the five-piece had a successful run with their fifth record, American Candy, with 2015 proving they had the capability of reaching new heights with their chemistry and musicianship. Pushing even more musical boundaries, the recent release of “Bad Behavior” off their upcoming record, Lovely, Little, Lonely (out April 7) entails an exciting path for the band, with media giant Alternative Press saying that they’ve found their “happy place”.

Joining All Time Low on their upcoming Australian tour, this tour will not only prove an exciting opportunity for The Maine but it will also have them crank out some of the new material off their sixth record too. We had the opportunity to speak with rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Kennedy Brock on the writing process for Lovely, Little, Lonely, the band’s career progression and how they all went out to New York City to get outside their comfort zones to write music.

It’s exciting that you guys are coming back to Australia with Neck Deep and All Time Low. How do you feel about playing in Australia again?

Oh my gosh, so excited. Honestly, we always have such a great time over there. It’s always so short and so quick. I’m always feeling like, “Oh man, I need more.” So I’m super excited to be able to come back so soon.

It’s really rewarding to see you guys progress. I feel like you guys have nailed your Pop Rock sound. I know that you guys released your newest single, “Bad Behavior” last month and your fans went absolutely nuts for it. It’s from your upcoming album Lovely, Little, Lonely. How does this album differ from your previous one, American Candy?

Instead of taking such a step to the side like we normally do, I think some of the same feelings were kind of just built upon. We kinda felt like American Candy was a start over for us so it felt like the first record of sorts. This one feels honestly like a more organised approach. The biggest difference really is just in how we went about writing and recording this one and that’s kind of always the case. We try and switch things up like that. This time around, we didn’t sit in a room playing live a ton. We actually structured songs a lot more into the computer, parts just being played in and then trying to work on it. I think in this approach too, we were a little bit more objective in our thinking.

I think what that did is it left us with the best options right from the get go and so, really early on in the writing process, I think we were more sure about the quality of the songwriting and I just feel like we had more know-how this time; some of the same ambition that I think we felt when we were doing our first record actually. To me, we did things on this record where we tried to have everything feel super cohesive and we’ve really accomplished that. I’m excited for people to hear it.

There really is no conventional way to write songs. You just have to go with the flow and see what happens. And I think because you switched things up a bit constantly, I think that sort of strengthened your chemistry and musicianship in the band too. 

Yeah, absolutely. I think honestly we’re more excited and more driven than we’ve ever been and it’s fun to be able to think that’s possible.

“I think we’ve got our sights always on bigger things and that’s kind of what’s led us to get this far.”

Gauging from the beat of the song, it must’ve been a really fun album to write. “Bad Behavior” is a catchy song. Were there any particular highlights when it came to writing the songs?

“Bad Behavior” specifically was along the lines of switching things up for us. So right around the middle of writing the record, we decided to go and try and be out on our own for a little bit and go to New York City and spend a week there, just trying to get ourselves out of our comfort zone. While we were out there, “Bad Behavior” was kind of one of the songs that we walked away with and it was just something that was kind of a back burner idea and something we hadn’t really run over.

A lot of the things on this record have just fallen into place. They fit really well together and things have just happened. It just feels very natural, which is great and that song just kinda came out and all the moments of that song were needed.

This album Lovely, Little, Lonely is your sixth album to release and for many bands, that’s like considered a milestone. How would you describe your journey with The Maine? Did you imagine that you were going to get this far?

Man, it’s super wild. Honestly, I think all of us didn’t care to do anything else. We’ve always wanted to make this work, we’ve always tried our hardest and I think a lot of times we kinda have our heads down and we’re just going as hard as we can. I think that it’s really crazy to be able to come up for air sometimes and you know, be this far into the band in ten years. We just did our little festival back at home and it’s such a moment where we were actually able to look out and see what we’ve kinda accomplished along the way. I think we’ve got our sights always on bigger things and that’s kind of what’s led us to get this far.

Totally and especially in your early days, you guys started off as a local band and then from being a local band, you’re now well-known within the scene. It’s really rewarding to see the change in crowd as well.

It’s been really fun. I’ve just noticed that the overall environment at our shows have just continued to get better. Our fans are really welcoming and they’re very supportive of us and it really is just a very inclusive group. Everywhere we go, it feels like family all over the world, which is really crazy. Very, very humbling.

Last year you guys released a video for “Am I Pretty” and that video is a really powerful watch. The video emphasises how we’re all beautiful despite our imperfections. Do you sometimes feel that people lose sight of what actual beauty is because of social media and other things?

I mean, yeah. I think everybody is trying to put their best. It’s hard to say where that really comes from. We just like to promote the fact that we don’t think we’re cool, we’re not too cool for anybody and we don’t want anybody to act like that around us, you know. We want everybody to feel included and be able to enjoy good feelings.

I think in a way your music evokes such positive emotions and I think that’s why your fanbase dig it a lot. The beauty of music is it makes us feel like we’re important. 

Absolutely. That’s definitely something that we feel. Everybody is important – important to us. It’s a cool thing we get to do with music.

What are you guys hoping to do after the release of Lovely, Little, Lonely?

Tons of touring. We come over to see you all. We’re gonna be doing a bunch of other shows around the area. I know we head over to South East Asia and do Singapore and we’re in the Philippines. Even right now, we’re trying to add more shows. Just tons of touring. We’re super excited, we’re revved up to get going again. And yeah, just full steam ahead.



The Maine will be joining All Time Low on their upcoming Australian Tour in May. Check out the dates below!


With Special Guests Neck Deep and The Maine

Wednesday 10th May – Powerstation (Licensed All Ages)

Friday 12th May – Riverstage (Licensed All Ages) or 136 100 or 1300 762 545

Saturday 13th May – Hordern Pavilion (Licensed All Ages) or 132 849

Sunday 14th May – Festival Hall (Licensed All Ages) or 136 100

Tuesday 16th May – Thebarton Theatre (Licensed All Ages) or 136 100

Thursday 18th May – Metropolis (18+) or 1300 762 545

Friday 19th May – Metropolis (Under 18) or 1300 762 545


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