Michigan hardcore band Turncoat recently finished up their tour with Ohio band Grim State and these shows would’ve encompassed their high-energy and passion in their music. With their upcoming release of their self-titled EP, the remainder of 2016 will be a good one for the four-piece as they can finally grow their fanbase and make their name known to the world. Turncoat took the time to answer some questions on their tour with Grim State, the inner workings of their EP and their plans for the rest of the year.

How’s your tour with Grim State going so far?

Touring with these guys has been so much fun. “Hey uh…Peter” – we’re constantly having fun and messing with each other. Those guys love fireworks. Every show has been amazing and every night we’re just so happy to be out there killing it with these guys.

What was the recording process like for your debut EP?

Matt Dalton makes things in-house so easy. We came in with a fistful of finished songs and he really knows how to take what you want and make it work. Couldn’t ask for a better producer.

Dirt Fest founder Matt Dalton worked as your producer for it. What was it like working with him?

Matt is a good friend of ours so it was a no brainer. He makes everything happen so easy. He is full of ideas that not only better the songs but really help capture the vibe we’re looking for. He isn’t afraid to let you know when things could be better. I’d never work with anyone else again if I can help it.

Were there any challenges you came across as a band while you were making it?

Obviously some member changes were the biggest issue. Keith and Nick basically had to go in – afraid to do everything themselves except vocals. Wouldn’t really say that was an issue but definitely made things take a little more time.

What normally sparks your creativity when it comes to songwriting?

Just whatever I’m listening to has a big hand in my direction as far as writing. We find a good pattern or riff that sounds good and we clash every possible idea around. We’re so picky though so a lot of what we write will never see the light of day but our lives, music and everyday experience plays into the writing immensely.

Were you listening to anything in particular as inspiration for the EP or did everything come naturally for you?

It was over a years worth of writing and we were playing around with songs when we first formed. A lot of Sepultura, Madball, Terror, Turnstile, was big on us while writing. The songs just kinda pour out when we all sit in the same room. Even at home we text each other guitar sounds just so we can have ideas always going around. It’s quite a trip.

What are you guys hoping to do for the rest of the year?

Push this debut with everything we have and a huge tour coming up as well. Keep an eye out as we set to release our first video and announce those tour dates!

Turncoat recently released the video for “The Friends You Need”. Check it out below!

Turncoat’s Self-Titled EP will be available for release on June 10

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