Graves have been ripping up the heavy music scene for the last few years, but their climb up the ladder has only just begun with their debut album Monster causing waves for the last two weeks since its release! Hailing from Wollongong; these lads have been getting better and better since their start 5 years ago, with Monster showcasing Graves at their best, but not what’s best to come.

We got the chance to send through some questions to the boys about the new album thanks to Josh from Greyscale Records.

SR: Your debut album Monster has just been released, as a whole, how are Graves feeling?

We are feeling incredibly stoked. This has been a long and complicated process for us, and it feels so amazing to finally have it out to the world. A mixture of absolute relief and excitement.

SR: How was the journey to get to this point of finally releasing an album?

It was pretty intense for us. Some moments were incredible, such as being in the studio recording with Sonny, and others were pretty stressful. We had complications with finances that we won’t delve greatly into but it took quite a lot of effort from each of us to push through financial and personal issues we have all experienced during this process. But we are here now and we couldn’t be happier about pushing through everything.

SR:  From a personal opinion, what are your fave tracks off the album?

Each of us have our own fave tracks that’s for sure but mostly agree on the “favourite” tracks from the album being Ratface, Fear, Father, Kyden and Decay. It’s pretty hard for us to pick favourites or choose a specific favourite because they are all fun songs! 506 will always have a special place in the bands heart.

SR: Let’s not forget this massive tour you’re going on. You’ve got a pretty big history of supporting bands like Confession, Thy Art is Murder, and more recently; Suicide Silence and Ocean Grove, how do you feel moving into your own headlining one?

Yeah we’ve done some pretty brilliant tours in the lifespan of Graves. We are very thankful for it every time we are on the road. It’s exciting to do our own headliner again, it’s been quite some time since our last headline tour so we are highly anticipating getting out there with some of our favourite bands again in December. We love Kublai Khan, Justice for the Damned and Cursed Earth so we are stoked on the line up for our first headline tour in a long time. Come hang out!

SR: What are we to expect from these shows from the boys?

Absolute ruckus and mayhem. If you like to mosh, crowd surf, or just have a shit ton of fun then this tour & the line-up was made for you. From us personally as a band you should expect to see a new Graves with a much larger sound! And a much angrier presence.

SR: You boys had a bit of trouble in your last tour where your gear mysteriously had fallen out of your trailer, can you tell us a little bit about that experience whilst on tour?

It was completely devastating upon realising it had happened while we were on the road. We were in between Newcastle and Melbourne on a red eye drive through the night so when we discovered that our trailer doors were open thanks to a passing truckie we were absolutely gutted and extremely frustrated when you take into consideration the bands horrible history with trailers, gear and luck. We are unsure what could have happened, either someone had gotten into the trailer or the gear had shifted and broken the locks, it was a complete blow out that left us scratching our heads not only at what had happened but also at what we were going to do. It was the day after releasing our first single and announcing the album release date also so you can imagine the rollercoaster ride of emotions we were experiencing. We were lucky we didn’t lose more gear then what we did and we were incredibly fortunate to have received a mind blowing amount of support from friends and fans and managed to raise majority of the lost costs for the gear, even though some things were irreplaceable.

SR: Album artwork – artist?

Tim Grove was the artist who done the work for the album artwork on ‘Monster’! He also done the artwork to our previously released single ‘506’ and done an insane job on that also. He is a very talented dude and you can check more of his work out on Instagram, his username is tim_grove. He put a shit ton of time and effort into it and the end result far exceeded any of our expectations!

SR: What advice do u have for other bands in the smaller scene that would like to get to where you are?

Our main bit of advice would have to be to try and get out of your hometown as soon as possible and spread your music playing shows in different places not just your local every couple of weeks. That and write what you would consider good music and enjoy yourself with it. Getting out on the road with your friends and playing new music in different places is amazing.

SR: If their was any song in the world you wish you’d written what would it be?

That’s such a hard question haha. For Shaun it would be Under the Bridge by the Chili Peppers for sure! Alex reckons his choice would be the hit 1000 miles by Vanessa Carlton and Kieran has gone with the classic Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen with 100% conviction. Lachlan has gone with Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and Rhys with Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Yes these are all genuine answers haha. Thank you!


Check out Graves on their Tour this December!

Thursday, 1st December: The Brightside, Brisbane 18+
Friday, 2nd December: Phoenix Arts Theatre, Brisbane AA
Saturday, 3rd December: Drone, Newcastle AA
Sunday, 4th December: Towradgi Surf Life Saving Club, Wollongong Lic AA
Monday, 5th December: Red Rattler, Sydney Lic AA
Tuesday, 6th December: The Basement, Canberra 18+
Thursday, 8th December: Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne 18+
Saturday, 10th December: Invasion Fest, Melbourne AA
Sunday, 11th December: Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic AA



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