Opinion: Why the hell did Luca Brasi take their anger out on social media?

Photo Credit: Jesse Hunniford

Yesterday morning, Tasmanian punk rock outfit Luca Brasi took to their Facebook and wrote this:

Hi all,
Firstly these shows have been absolutely ridiculous and amazing and we’re totally blown away and humbled, thankyou all so much. Unfortunately an incident in Sydney last night has completely overshadowed this positivity. Two good mates of ours were left distraught after a certain piece of shit male in the audience decided that their bodies were his property in the pit. We play shows because we love it, people come to these shows to enjoy the music, everyone has the right to be safe and other people’s bodies ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY. Completely and utterly horrified and dismayed, if you want to come to see us play, keep your hands to your fucking self, it is NOT HARD TO DO. If you believe it is your right as a male to do as you please, you are NOT WELCOME HERE.
Luca Brasi.

Why is this even a thing? Why do I keep seeing shit like this happen? Have we all gone mad or have we just left our brains at home for some weird reason? I was there at the Oxford Art Factory that night and I had a baller of a time but to think that some females left the venue feeling distraught, uncomfortable and fearful for their safety is fucking worrying. Concerts should be a safe place. It should be about bringing together a community of music lovers. It should be about the music, the positivity and sharing the support of local talented bands like Luca Brasi.

I mean, they worked fucking hard to make this tour happen, and it’s so amazing to see them sell out shows around Australia. It’s pathetic that they had to waste five minutes out of their day to write up a rant on Facebook to some dudes who still don’t know what the ground rules are on concert etiquette. It’s not fucking rocket science, guys.

What kind of idiot thinks someone’s body is “their property”? So what if some females are in the mosh? Doesn’t give you the right to touch them inappropriately and ignore the fourth time they’ve said ‘no’. Can you explain yourself besides having ‘a few too many’? The amount of alcohol consumed shouldn’t be the excuse. It’s your fucking attitude you’ve got to fix.

Most of us use live music as an escape from daily life and I for one, love the adrenaline and excitement that comes with it. Everyone, especially females, shouldn’t have to worry about their safety during live music events because we all have one sole purpose, and that is to enjoy the music. But how can we do this if people have no respect for other people?

Even a few days ago, Music Feeds reported that an Australian study highlighted how attending live shows regularly made you more happier but imagine having to deal with a few dickheads thinking they own the place. Imagine having to wait all day to get the best spot in the venue, only to have it ruined by some dude who thought it was alright to touch you without your permission. How can we be happy if you can’t keep your hands to your damn self?

Sydney already has it hard with the lock-out laws and the bad publicity, and we sure as hell don’t need any more of it. It’s disappointing and Luca Brasi shouldn’t have to write some status which makes them feel shitty about themselves for not being able to help their two mates. It’s fucked up really.

Maybe we should have a tour hotline where people can report shit like this, similar to what the legends of Modern Baseball managed to do at the end of May this year. At least then we can communicate these issues and actually find the time to minimise these horrible occurrences that happen at gigs. People who are afraid to speak up can call somebody and remain anonymous. Get something off their chest, you know. Unbelievable we’ve had to go to such measures but it does help.

What those guys did at Luca Brasi’s Sydney show can’t be taken back but we have the power to voice change. We should be finding ways to help people get the best experiences out of every single live show they attend. No dickhead should get in the way of another person’s happiness, and Luca Brasi shouldn’t have to take to their Facebook, voicing how unhappy they are on some people’s inappropriate behaviour. No band deserves to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to this stuff. And if you think otherwise, then maybe you should go to hell.

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