On the Spot: Kenneth Branagh’s THOR World Premiere in Sydney!


The world premiere of  Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” was held on Sunday April 17th at Event Cinemas George street. It had a massive media coverage, lots of  A-lister guests and of course the most important thing, tons of fans waiting long time to see their favourite stars.

Walking the red carpet fans got close to our very own Australian superstar Chris Hemsworth who plays the lead role in the film as “Thor” joined by director Kenneth Branagh, who attracted some Harry Potter fans, thanks to his role as Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets“. Moreover, co-stars, the gorgeous actress Jaimie Alexander who plays the role of Thor’s friend “Sif” and Tom Hiddleston who plays Thor’s brother “Loki” join them in the carpet.

Other local celebrities walked the red carpet: Lincoln Lewis, Tim Pocock, and Todd Lasance as part of the cast from Home and Away, who came to support his old mate Chris Hemsworth. Rebecca Breeds, TV personality Jamie Durie, actors from Pack to the Rafters and a special last minute guest, Dutch singer pop star Eva Simons.

People at the red carpet got postcards and sharpies to get autographs, but that doesn’t stopped the fact that the red carpet was in some moments a bit chaotic, with no proper area set up for the thousand fans around and inside the cinema, just a small space for them along George Street. However, despite this issue the event worked in a normal way with the stars trying to stop as much as they could for photos and autographs, only been rushed inside by their publicist in order to mantain the schedule for media and the screenings.

We have to mention a really good example of how a star should be: Tom Hiddeston (Loki) who spent more time than every guest there signing and posing for photos, taking time to actually talk with all the people at the red carpet and even ignoring his publicist who was pushing him to dismiss the fans and go inside (Good one!).

Overall was a really good event, a world premiere in Australia is always welcome and we look forward to have more of this events here in our country, but please don’t forget the fans who wait hours and hours just to spend a second with their idols…they deserve a big reward for it!

Here enjoy some exclusive pictures from the red carpet below:

The God of Thunder will hit cinemas in 3D on May 6, 2011.

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  1. Michelle Adams

    I was there and it was such a nightmare to try to get close to the carpet, the set up of the venue was horrible, they want people to go inviting them to go to the premiere and they didnt put a proper area for the crowd. Cannot understand why the close the entire cinema with black curtains and why the push every single actor so quick avoiding the fans there. I got there at 3 and got nothing.

    Hope the film is better than the actual world premiere…totally agree when you say: “please don’t forget the fans who wait hours and hours just to spend a second with their idols…they deserve a big reward for it!”

  2. Nicky

    Was dying to go…tried to watch on live streaming and it crashed :(
    Hope they come to Perth :(

    Looks fun, but it was on the street? how weird!

  3. Casey

    So thankful for winning tickets and yes the waiting was a nightmare…there was meant to be different sections near the carpet…but there was hardly anywhere to stand….although walking the Carpet was fun and Chris was about 10 metres behind….had to keep walking coz others infront had moved :( damn shoulda run up to him hehehe….MOVIE WAS EPIC!!!


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