On August 9-10, Sydney was invaded by an army of Sailor Scouts, Saiyan warriors, giant robots, ninjas, manga artists and video game characters combined, as Smash! 2014 hit Rosehill Gardens for a full weekend of Japanese pop culture. The celebrations included special guests, such as voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon, Evangelion), Studio Bones director and animator, Toshihiro Kawamoto, and international cosplayer, Reika.

SMASH-8The perfectly organised event included bar coded lanyards that allowed attendees to get in or out at any time. This is a handy thing, especially for people in the need of cloak rooming costumes after an exhausting day. Moreover, to avoid issues at the guest signing areas, limited wristbands were provided for the first lucky 100 fans per day, streamlining the entire process during the short time allocated for autographs.

Smash! treated fans to karaoke, workshops, Madman’s AnimeLab screenings, guest panels, cosplay competitions, video games, shopping and much more, making the weekend feel a bit short for many of us.

The event featured so many activities, but the real stars were the tons of cosplayers around, all of whom happily posed for photos, bonding with attendees and bringing some iconic pop culture characters to life.

Smash! definitely exceeded the expectations of many first-time visitors, us included, with friendly staff, flawless organisation, fun activities and amazing cosplayers, altogether making this a must-attend event that we will definitely be visiting again next year.

Enjoy some awesome snaps from the weekend below:


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