Wednesday 13 just can’t seem to get enough of Australia coming back to our shores for the third time in three years with the Condolences tour starting tomorrow and we just can’t wait to check out what is in store for us this time around!

 After a few minor hiccups which Wednesday himself proclaims has “possessed the phone lines” due to it also happening in a previous interview, we finally got talking about the tour, his new book and the Spice Girls.

SR: How do you think Condolences has been received?

The fans to like it. I read all my social media, I read all the comments on our videos; I read all the good ones, I read all the bad ones. I’ve got thick skin, I’ve been doing this for a long time… nothing bothers me. I like to know what people think, I like the bad comments! Its stuff that I pay attention too, either way any of it is welcome.

I could say for the majority the reaction has been that they love it, that it’s been their favourite thing that we’ve done since the first album. Some people think it’s a little heavy and they prefer more of the punk-rock stuff we do. Overall majority was a success, we play a lot of these songs live with people singing along, and it’s like it’s a classic song already and that’s a good thing.

SR: After previously coming back for your stripped back acoustic tour, how excited are you to get back into full form with the full bands, and have you got any interesting stage theatrics you’ll be bringing this time.

Yeah, the acoustic thing is fun to do, but if I had to commit a whole year to that, I would just hang myself it’s just its fun to do, but it’s not fun to do for a long time. I don’t like being that quiet and acoustic, so yeah we’re super excited. It’s our first tour of the year so you get us fresh out of the mental institution which is good. As far as theatrics we are all characters, it’s like live cartoon characters onstage.

Unfortunately with Australia and the way we travel, we don’t have a bus we need to fly to each destination we can’t bring all the cool bells and whistles that we normally have so we kind of have to… what I like to do I have to make up for it with my little cheap tricks, it’s usually just an extra couple of suitcases.

But we’re going to have a fun show, it’s a total different show to what we brought last time. We’ve got a new set list which I think I’ve finally finished, I don’t want to change it anymore, I think that we cover pretty much the whole catalogue from Wednesday. I think there is something from every record or something that some if anyone says “you didn’t play something off this album” I’m going to say “bullshit”

SR: Going back into your costumes, you recently posted on your instagram about your health kick, what are you planning to do with your costumes because you’ve dropped so much weight!

Yeah! I’m actually doing it right now while I talk to you I’m on the treadmill walking.

Luckily my good friend, they alter a lot of things for me. Every tour I pretty much kind of retire the whole stage clothes. What I’ve been doing lately is I’ve been changing up and doing new stuff every tour I wasn’t really planning on wearing those clothes anyway, I was just extra shocked as my guy came over and we were looking at my clothes and doing measurements. I held my old pants up to me and I was like… “Oh my god these are like juggalo pants”.

So it’s not that big of a deal, I have a couple of cool jackets that have got to be altered but I’ve already figured it out. But the health kick is a good thing, it’s been awesome for me, it’s put me in an awesome headspace and I really can’t wait to get on tour and finally get out of the gym! Now I’m looking forward to the stage because the stage is my new gym! [Laughs]

SR: You’re bringing Davey Suicide with you, was the relationship/ pairing between you somewhat naturally born with the likeness of your music and stage presence?

I don’t know if it’s that in depth but I mean I definitely know of the band, we did some shows together on the west coast I think when they first started. But we had several bands listed who we wanted to tour with, it made sense. I don’t think that we could find a better fit, I’m excited.

SR: You seem to be on a never ending musical journey, do you see yourself ever stopping?

Not at all. I’m just getting started.

SR: You’ve got an autobiography in the works as well, what kind of insight will be we get from the real Wednesday?

Yeah! I’ve just started speaking this week with a guy who’s helping me with it because I told him I never did a book before, I’ve got the stories, how do we do this? So it’s in the really early stages of it but it’s going to be the story of where I came from and how I came to be Wednesday 13. It’s a unique story and every time I tell my story or tell stories to someone and they notice my accent and they’re like “where are you from!?” It’s literally a needle in a haystack sort of story of how I came out of this little, small country town with my weirdo band that everyone said was horrible and that music or that band took me around and it continues to take me around the world and has for 17 plus years. I’ve played with all of my rock and roll heroes and every other story in between it. From divorce to being broke to being arrested to drinking to whatever. It’s got every horrible and cool things about it. I’m excited to do my confession!

I just excited myself about it. Damn that sounds pretty good actually.


SR: Do you ever think about what it would be like if you were an opposite musician, instead of a horror-king you were in maybe a boy band?

[laughs] no. I’ve thought about what it would be like to be a guitarist for someone like Pink, like could I do a job like that?

I know a lot of guys who work for pop acts and make great money, but for a pay check could I go on stage and let’s just say I was the guitarist for the Spice Girls reunion could I go up on stage with a straight face and be happy when they’re playing if you want to be my lover.

I’ve asked myself that question and the answer right now is… no [laughs]

Who knows, I’m 41, in 10 years I might be in Night ranger.


SR: Do you have a message for your fans ahead of the tour?

Yeah! We’re coming in hot, and we’re bringing the heat! Get your oven mitts out because it’s going to be HOT! HOT! HOT!


SR: If there was any song out of your discography if you could name your biography what would it be?

Oh man… I don’t know if there is any song because I’ve always just kind of wrote from a stupidity point of view or something from a movie, I don’t really write personal stuff so I guess my song that’s been my “We Are The World” or my “Beat it” would be my I Love to Say Fuck song. It’s so easy and it’s so simple it’s probably my most popular song I’ve written that can’t be played in the radio [laughs]


Wednesday 13 Condolences Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Head to for your tickets now!

Thursday 26th April – Brisbane, The Triffid 18+

Friday 27th April – Sydney, Manning Bar 18+

Saturday 28th April – Melbourne, Corner Hotel 18+

Sunday 29th April – Wellington, Valhalla 18+



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