Formed in the summer of 2010, Lemaitre is a Norwegian indie-electronic duo consisting of members Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund, who create raging disco beats, mixed with soft synthphrases and gripping melodies. When playing live they combine live instruments, not so live instruments and good old live vocals.

Thanks to XIII Touring, we had the chance to get in touch with Ulrik, to find out more about the band’s upcoming shows at Falls Festival and much more.

You guys announced Falls festival sideshows…what fans can expect from those intimate gigs?

The full production and full band packed into smaller venues are always the most fun. It’s more like playing at someones house party, and everybody’s there to party to the same music.

What artists are you most excited to see at Falls festival?

Been a longtime fans of The Avalanches so really looking forward to that. Especially seeing them at their home grounds. Also really looking forward to seeing Childish Gambino.

You are huge fans of Daft Punk and the Chemical brothers. Have you ever had the chance to meet any of them?

Unfortunately not. But we’ve been lucky to meet a lot of other really cool artists whose work we admire. And the times they also appreciate our stuff has to be one of the coolest thing that can happen making music. I think it can be scary meeting your heroes. They probably don’t know who the fuck you are, and then you’re just another fanboy.

How did you guys get to be part of the Fifa17 soundtrack? Are you a soccer fan? What team you support?

Used to follow soccer more, but still love playing it in real life. And there are very fierce FIFA rivalries going down in our house. A lot of screaming, shouting and sore losers. But I don’t think they chose “We Got U” for the soundtrack because of that. We hope it’s more cause the track has the kind of feel-good vibe they’re looking for. It’s also amazing company on the soundtrack, a lot of great bands.

Many people claim electronic music is not really music as it’s generated mostly by a computer. What’s your take on that?

I think those people are few nowadays. Music and the means of making music has always evolved along with technology. Now it’s just even more possibilities for creation with a seemingly endless soundscape and techniques for creating sound. And when people come to our shows, they will definitely see it’s not just ?computer music?, we come with a full live set up.

What would you say is your MUST PLAY song in every gig and why?

It always changes and it depends on the crowd and where we play. But recently it’s been our song Closer which has been the song that’s been killing it the hardest.

Any message from the band for all the Aussie fans around?

Really looking forward to coming back to Australia! You like to party, and we appreciate that. Looking forward to party with ya.


Wednesday 4th  Jan Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Friday 6th Jan Howler, Melbourne

Tickets On-Sale Now



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