By Jonathan Matthews

Theory of a Deadman are a Canadian alternative rock band with a difference, the group has such a diverse sound that seems to fuse a combination of different styles and influences. They now boast an impressive repertoire of songs with some tracks reaching as high as they could possibly get in the charts, such as the #1 hit song “Rx (Medicate)” off the bands latest album “Wake Up Call” which was released late last year. We had a lengthy chat with Tyler Connolly the singer of T.O.A.D.M. to discuss everything cool and current for the Canadian rock-stars!

SR. Hey Tyler it’s great to have you on the line, you guys are heading to Australia soon for the very first time, are you looking forward to it?

We’re all very excited. I’ve been told it’s very much like Canada, but less cold, and with kangaroos.

SR. You’re only playing in four of the capital cities, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, is there a reason you’re not stopping by everywhere?

Not really, we don’t have much to do with that. It sucks because we’ve never been to Australia before and want to see as much as possible, but it’s all up to our management really. They booked the shows and organised everything, we just have to show up and play. I think it might be because it’s our first time and they want to see how we go. If it goes really well then hopefully we can come back again!

SR. You released your album ‘Wake Up Call’ late last year, how has that been going?

It’s been going fantastic! It’s definitely been a shift, we’ve freshened things up a bit by shortening the band name and stuff. We’ve been around for a while over here, so it’s good to keep it fresh.

SR. Can you tell me a bit about how the band’s name originally came to be?

We were just hanging out in the very early days of the band and one of us randomly thought of it. We stuck with it since then, but we’ve always struggled with it a bit. It sounds cool, but it’s a bit of a grim name, it doesn’t really represent who we are. When I mention the band’s name to people who’ve never heard of us they always assume we’re a heavy metal band or something. The label shortened our name to Theory, which was weird at first, but it feels like it fits well now.

SR. Do you have a favourite song off the new record?

That’s a hard one. I really like ‘Echoes’. That was really fun to write. It always goes really well live, and I think it really encapsulates the sound of the whole record. That would have to be my favourite.

SR. Are you bringing any support acts with you from Canada, or will they be local Australian bands?

They’re going to be local bands I believe. I think that’s fantastic, I love meeting local bands from the places we visit, and the tour is too small to justify bringing another band all the way from Canada. I’m looking forward to meeting Aussie bands though, you have so many great rock bands over there.

SR. How do you think your sound has developed and changed since the release of you first record?

I think the main difference would be better songwriting, we’re always trying to work on and improve our songwriting. We like to keep our music and our performance simple, we don’t dress crazy or wear makeup, we’re just four regular dudes. It’s always been about the music for us, so we always try to improve our writing and try something new or different on each record.

SR. What did you do differently for “Wake up Call”, production wise?

We changed our whole production team for this record. It was recorded in London, England instead of in LA like we usually do. We wrote a lot of the songs on piano rather than guitar this time, which made a huge difference. It really effects the melodies and lyrics. It’s a really fresh sound, almost like a new band with a new name. We’re all getting older, it’s almost like this album is our midlife crisis album. We just want to be young and have fun again.

SR. Have you been trying to get over to Australia for a while now?

We have. It’s a really expensive trip, so it’s been something to work towards. For us I think it’s a case of playing too many shows in the US and Canada, we’re always trying to get to other countries, it’s hard to fit everything in. It sucks having to wait this long, but I think it’s meant to be, because it feels like we’ve figured out our sound and who we are, and we have so many songs to play for you now. It’s going to be massive for us.

SR. I wanted to ask you about the music video for the song ‘Straight Jacket’, which features patients in a Psychiatric hospital. What kind of involvement did you have with that video, and how did the idea come about?

The video was fun to shoot, we all got to pretend we were crazy for a day. The song is just about how crazy people are when they get stuck in relationships. It can be like a strait jacket sometimes, and leaves you feeling trapped or restricted. We see it all the time in our families and friends. That’s where the idea of the song came from, just the thought of ‘I must be crazy to be involved in this toxic relationship, put me in a strait jacket and send me away’ kind of thing.

SR. Where has been your favourite place to tour so far?

For us it’s probably new places. We get really excited to tour places we’ve never been before, they always ending up being our favourite at the time. We’ve never been to Australia, so that’ll probably be our new favourite after this tour. We’ve been to a lot of places, but when you’ve been there a lot of times, it’s not as exciting. It’s still fun to get back and see familiar faces, but it’s just so exciting to go somewhere completely new. We’ve been to Russia a couple of times and it’s super fun, I love going there. We were worried the first time we went over there, we weren’t sure how it would go, but it was fantastic. It’s not like all those cold war videos they show us in history class, they’re amazing people and it’s an amazing country.

SR. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you, do you have a final message for your fans in Australia?

Come to the show, you will not be disappointed! We’re super excited to be heading over there for the first time, and we’re just as excited as our fans! It’s going to be a great tour I’m sure!

Don’t miss Theory of A Dead Man visiting Australia for one hell of a good time showcasing their latest new music from “Wake Up Call”, it’s their first trip to Australian shores too, so with that in mind you just know it’s bound to be an energy filled and fun packed performance!

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