It seems these days that the Emo phases that a lot of us had when we were about 14 have come and gone but Taking Back Sunday has stood the test of time thus far (longer than our massive fringes and excessive eyeliner). Not only have they recently released their seventh studio album, but they are coming back to Australia THIS WEEK for a short tour of shows!

Thanks to Souli from Blue Murder Touring, we got to chat to bassist Shaun Cooper about the upcoming shows, as well as delving a little bit into the old days of the band!

SR: Taking back Sunday have been around for quite a long time, whereas most of the bands your fans are also fans of, have come and gone. How does it feel to be one of the rare ones?

We feel very fortunate. It’s one of those things that we talk about a lot! It’s one of those things we are most proud of- the longevity. When Tell All Your Friends came out, I thought that when it came out that March we would tour on the record, play through August/ September maybe and once September hit we would go back to school, work- go back to the real world. I’m still kind of afraid that’s going to happen… that this thing is going to come to an end, but it’s been 15 years almost. I hope we’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

SR: you’re coming to Australia once again in just under 2 weeks, how does it feel to be coming back?

We’re so excited! We’ve been there so many times and we get there probably once a record cycle and the flight is super long, as everyone knows, so we love it there and the shows are always a really fun time! I just can’t believe that we keep coming back and getting to tour the world! This little band that started playing in basements in Long Island, New York has made it as far as we have.

SR: what have you got instore for us for your shows here?

We’re going to play a lot off of the Tidal Wave record, but we have to give everybody what they want; the songs that people like from each record and we want to include that. We want people to go home happy. When we go and see bands, we want to hear the hits, so we never want to not give people what they want to hear. We love all our records, we worked so hard on them too so we hope to give people a little bit of everything.

SR: through each new release, taking back Sunday seem to have reinvented themselves keeping it fresh time and time again and that’s to say the same for your new album tidal wave. Where would you say TBS is now with this release?

I feel like we’re just hitting our stride. I think we were learning how to write songs on the title record, I think that we were fine tuning it on Happiness Is. I feel like there are a lot of good songs on both of those records, but I really think we’ve hit our stride with Tidal Wave. I think the record has something cohesive about it. I think we’re just starting to break open what we’ve always wanted to do. We’ve just scratched the surface and the next record will be even better.

I’m very excited about the future.

SR: Do you miss the emo days?

I was never too cognitive about what was going on in the “emo days”. I think a lot of people that were maybe teenagers or maybe younger were caught up in a scene like that. I’m a musician and I played in what was called “an emo band” by hard rock and hard-core kids. A lot of time you’d used the word “emo” to insult your friends; “oh you’re so emo”. Now as far as emo, when I was in high school back in the 90’s, so we never got too caught up in whatever that craze was. We were just so happy to be playing music. Our band did stuff that caught on in that scene, but I guess Adam [Lazzara] was like a poster boy for that but it wasn’t really our own doing, we never really embraced it. We always just followed our gut, and our heart and I think that’s why the band has been able to stay around, when most of the others have gone because we weren’t a trend.

SR: Can you tell us a little bit about your thoughts on Tidal Wave?

We recorded the album in North Carolina around the block from where Adam and John [Nolan] live. The atmosphere really felt like home. Just working in that environment was a good, positive energy all around and it was a lot of fun working on the songs.

As far as favourite songs, it changes as we play them live and see people react. It was Tidal Wave for a long time but now I’m leaning more towards the first track titled Death Wolf.

SR: Being such a success for so long, what’s one of your most memorable fan stories?

We’ve met so many great people over the years. This is a big one, it’s pretty special.

So Mark met a guy after a show in Florida and he’s talking to him, he’s saying “I’m so happy I got a chance to meet you. My brother and I were really big fans of your band and he’s shipping off to war in Afghanistan. We came and saw you right before he shipped out and he ended up dying over there. Your band is like the one thing that we really hold onto. We’re really grateful to have that to hold on to.”

Mark has now become friends with this guy, so we hang out whenever we’re down there. We’ve formed a relationship with this guy because of the bond he and his brother had over our little band. He finds some sort of comfort in our little band.

SR: song you wished you’d written?

I really love the band The Menzingers. They’re such a fantastic band, and they have this song called Lookers which is just such an amazing song. I don’t even wish I wrote it, I am so happy I get to enjoy it! It always loses its magic when you’re the one working on it. Everyone should listen to that song!


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