US rockers P.O.D. are coming to Australia this April to perform all their hits including “Alive”, “Youth Of The Nation”, “Boom”, “Satellite”, “Set It Off” plus many more!

To find out more about the tour, thanks to our good mate John Howarth of Bullet Proof, we had the chance to have a cool and very honest chat with the band’s frontman Sonny Sandoval, who had no problem sharing with us his opinion about the negative impact the music industry and labels have in the creative process of many musicians, and his advice for young aspiring artists.

SR. You guys have been more than 20 years in music. What a journey!

SS. It’s crazy, I cannot believe we made it this far. We still feel like in day one, as a group of kids from San Diego trying to make music.

Luckily, during this 20 years we have been able to travel the world. However, we take nothing for granted, we are still a working class band, and we love what we do.

SR. It took you guys quite a lot to come Down Under for a headline tour.

SS. It’s because the logistics are a major issue. We have been wanting to go to Australia for a while to do a proper tour. Thankfully this time all work out well.

SR. You have always been very outspoken about the good and the bad things within the music industry. How life changing was for you when the band became mainstream with the success of Satellite?

SS. It was really hard to be honest, because your learn things you wish you would not. There are way too many bad things going on behind the scenes, and when you are successful and have a hit album or song, everyone starts to claim ownership of you and your work, telling you how your sound should be, how to dress, speak…I got tired of it, as all that people just came out because of the money only.

“…Always be the little kid who dreamed to play! Be the purest and never forged where you came from…”

I’m still grateful for the opportunities we had, but the negative things of the industry were overwhelming. That’s why we went back to the beginning, to being those lucky kids from San Diego and keep enjoying what we do. We didn’t wanna be like those bands that started as friends and after years of success hate their guts or break up.

SR. How was to collaborate with Carlos Santana?

SS. It’s something I can take off my list! He is one of my idols, such a humble world-class musician. Just seen him play close is more than I could have wished for.

I actually was not long ago in a fundraiser with Santana’s singer Andy Vargas as we got some toys and we took them to Tijuana for Christmas.

SR. 2015’s The Awakening was critically praised, but failed to go mainstream like “Satellite”. What do you think happened?

SS. We wanted to do something new. But signing to a label is for us as good as over. It was pretty much what I mentioned before as they claim ownership of you.

They didn’t want to push the record anymore, they don’t care about the music and the work you put into it.

We did the new record with all our soul and put so much hard work, just to get screwed over. Still, we won’t stop, because we love what we do.

SR. On a positive side you guys will always be remembered as the victims of one of the funniest pranks on TV. How was the whole Punk’ experience with Ashton Kutcher?

SS. (Laughs) He got us so bad! It was so silly. I cannot believe we had to get naked to get cleaned because of the toxic radiation we were supposed to have been exposed to (Laughs).

My cousin and I, took ages to kind of believe we were in this major prank.

SR. With all your experience in music. What would be your main advise to young aspiring musicians around the world?

SS. Always be the little kid who dreamed to play! Be the purest and never forged where you came from.

The industry is sadly a business and it’s really hard to be with your loved ones while you are trying to make it. Just keep loving what you do and don’t change. Have fun, don’t think in success or getting signed by labels.

Just look at the sad reality we have been facing recently with guys who were at the top of the world, beloved musicians we admired suddenly left us, because they might have forgotten about it.

You will be surprised how many current successful bands can’t play a single note live because they are just industry products. So don’t let the desire of success fame or money cloud your true dreams.

SR. That’s probably one of the most honest, touching answers we have ever had. Thanks for that.

SS. I’ve been there, so I know how difficult, frustrating and lonely this can be. I just want new generations to be pure and never stop loving what they do. Also I don’t want to see more people leaving us because the industry got the best of them and they could not keep up.

SR. Moving to a less serious topic, just to start closing this chat. Are you finally considering to trademark the name “Nevaeh”?

SS. (Laughs) My little girl’s name really became popular so quick!

Who would ever thought spelling the word “Heaven” backwards would have had so much impact…I’ve seen the name many times since my girl born.

Maybe I should have trademarked it back in the day. Who knows, maybe that was the way to fund our music and not having to deal with labels anymore (Laughs).

SR. Just to finish. What’s the weirdest item you have ever signed for a fan?

SS. Body parts are always odd. Especially when people get your signature as a tattoo later on.

Probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever been asked to sign was an urn with somebody’s cremated ashes on it…let’s leave it there (Laughs).

SR. Any final words for your Aussie fans ahead of the tour?

SS. Just thank you to everyone for staying with us all these years and supporting us no matter what. We’ll finally do headlines as a way to celebrate “Satellite” with all of you! We cannot wait to be in Australia and meet as many of you as we can.

P.O.D. 2018 Australian Tour Dates

Tuesday 17th April – MELBOURNE, 170 Russell

Wednesday 18th April – ADELAIDE, The Gov

Friday 20th April – SYDNEY, The Factory Theatre

Saturday 21st April – BRISBANE, Eatons Hill Hotel

Sunday 22nd April – GOLD COAST, Coolangatta Hotel

Tickets from

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