Anime lovers are up for a threat, this weekend, as SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show, is set to hit Sydney with the best of Japanese pop culture and anime fandom, including the visit of international guests, Toshihiro Kawamoto (川元 利浩) from Studio Bones, Japanese cosplayer Reika and Sailor Moon herself Kotono Mitsuishi (三石 琴乃).

To find out more about the event, we had the chance to get in touch with the event’s Cosplay Coordinator Olivia Jarrod, who shared with us her forecast for the World Cosplay Summit, her favourite characters and more.

SR. When did this fascination for Cosplaying started?

OJ. I always loved anime and cartoons since I was little and I just never stopped the idea of dressing up as your favourite character I couldn’t wait to start.

SR. Speaking about Smash! Can you tell us about your involvement in this event?

cosplaypanel_andywanaOJ. I am a Cosplay Coordinator, which involves being in charge of Weapons Check-in, Battle Royale, helping out with the Madman Cosplay Competition and a few other bits and pieces.

SR. What is your forecast for this year’s World Cosplay Summit 2015?

OJ.  We hope to see a lot of amazing cosplays and probably lots of Sailor Moon troops XD

SR. There is any anime-star you would love to meet/bring in the future?

OJ. There are so many! Probably my favourite would be Yaya Han, I can’t help but love so many of her cosplays, and she is such an inspiration.

SR. Have you done any cosplay? What was the first Cosplay you ever did?

OJ. I’ve done a number of Cosplays my favourite is my Espeon Cosplay, but the first ever cosplay I did was Yuki from Vampire Knight and Misa from Death Note.

SR. What was the first convention you went to?

OJ.  Supanova was my first convention I was so amazed with how many people went, it was so much fun!

SR. What is your favourite character and why? (Favourite character or favourite character to Cosplay??)

OJ. Espeon always. I am currently in love with Shiro from No Game No Life and definitely want to cosplay her.

SR. Any funny convention or Cosplay story you can share with us?

aqua-cosplayer_andywanaOJ. I am a bit of klutz, so when I cosplay, I am always getting myself caught on other people’s outfits somehow and have to always carefully detach myself from others… can get very awkward.

SR. Amy word of advice for people attending Smash! For the very first time?

OJ. Take your time there’s a lot of things here you don’t wanna miss so it’s best to organize yourself. Schedule your days and don’t rush or you might miss something awesome!

SR. Any word of advice for people who would like to start in the world of Cosplay?

OJ. Be prepared that things can fail so don’t leave things till the last minute!

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Photo Credits. Top Banner: Philip Cheung ; Cosplay images Andy Wana

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