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We caught up with South African band Seether to chat about their upcoming Australian tour. Their latest album “Poison The Parish” was released late last year, and the band are getting ready to take Australia by storm. We spoke to Bass player Dale Stewart about the bands upcoming plans, their favourite memories from Australia, and a bit about the bands history.

SR. So how’s everything going since the release of your most recent album ‘Poison The Parish’ going?

It’s going well. We really can’t complain, it’s been fantastic. There’s still so many people coming out to our shows and enjoying the music, we’re really grateful for that, our fans are amazing. So yeah, the albums going really well, we can’t wait to play it to the world.

SR. That’s awesome dude! How long were you guys working on the album?

Writing was the longest process, Sean wrote a lot of it by himself in his own studio. Once that was out of the way, we were able to get in studio and smash it out in no time, we only took two weeks in the studio. We had a plan and knew the songs, we knocked it out really quickly. We think that’s the best way to do it.

SR. Does Sean usually do a lot of writing on his own?

Yeah he does, he has his own studio at home which he spends a lot of time in. He’s usually the one who dictates where and when we write music together as well.

SR. So you’re coming over to Australia for a tour soon, and you’re hitting up most of the major cities, but I’ve gotta ask, why aren’t you stopping by Adelaide, or anywhere in South Australia for that matter?

There’s no particular reason, personally I like Adelaide a lot, but we don’t have a lot of time on this tour, so we decided to hit the three biggest cities, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Australia is such a big place, and it can get hard to tour everywhere. There’s a lot of flights and accommodation and logistics that have to be worked into a small timeframe and a tight budget, it can become a bit of a juggling act.

SR. Would you say there have been any changes in your sound since the last album you released?

I don’t think so, we may be a little heavier than the previous album. We started out as a hidden band, not many people knew about us. We had our record company giving us advice on what we should do with our music to make it more radio friendly and mainstream. We’ve always known what we wanted to do with our sound, so we just went out and created the sound that we wanted to create, and it seems to be working for us.

SR. Do you have any fond memories from the last time you guys were here?

I loved the fruit bats! They were just everywhere, chillin’ on the street, it was crazy. We had a pie and a VB, it was a great time. It almost feels like home, Australia has a somewhat similar feeling to it…

SR. How long has it been since you were in South Africa? Do you have any crazy stories from there?

Being a rock band in South Africa, it’s a small scene. The country has its problems, but starting out as a young rock band was still hard. It was very hard to make a living, we all had day jobs on the side. It was a kaleidoscope of craziness. It was daunting and scary, but also really amazing. Being young punks in such a large city was a completely crazy experience, we grew out of the concrete of our city.

SR. What equipment have you been using lately?

I have a signature model Schechter, it’s cool, it has a good sound.

SR. Awesome man! You’ve worked with Amy Lee of Evanescence before, have you got any planned future collaborations with any other artists coming up any time soon?

No, we don’t have anything planned at the moment. When we worked with Amy Lee, we’d already recorded and released the song “Broken”, but we later worked with her and remixed it with her. That was just after her band started to really take off. It really gave us some great exposure, there were a lot of people that had never heard of us before that instantly became fans. It really opened up a lot of opportunities for us as a band.

SR. Do you have a favourite song to play live off of Poison The Parish?

There’s one called ‘Against The Wall’, which is my favourite to play live. Although if you play the album back to back, it all just feels like one song, you know?

SR. Nice! My favourite is Let You Down, there’s a music video for it. Did you have anything to do with the production of the music video?

Yeah, we’ll be doing another music video for one of our other singles soon, when or where I’m not sure. I can’t really give too many details about it, but it’s coming up. But yeah, whenever we release a single we try to release a music video for it as well. We like to have fun with the videos, make them a bit crazy or creepy or complicated. Playing and recording is one thing, but creating music videos is something else altogether.

SR. That’s awesome man! It’s been lovely chatting to you, I hope the tour goes well. Do you have anything to say to your Australian fans before you go?

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone, it’s been a while! Make sure you come out to one of our shows and show us some love!

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