Sebastian Bach is without doubt one the best voices in rock. Known as the original voice of Skid Row, and with three successful solo albums, Bach is set to return Down Under this October.

Thanks to our friend John Howarth and Metropolis Touring we had the chance to catch up with the former Skid Row frontman, and once again he proved why he is one of the funniest and humblest singers around and a true rockstar.

SR. Hey Sebastian nice to chat to you again!

SB. Great hearing back from you again dude, this is becoming a sort of tradition (laughs)

SR. I hope so. Just remember if you become even bigger, don’t forget about us.

SB. Dude I don’t think is gonna happen…I mean getting bigger, on the contrary I’m getting smaller now (laughs).

SR. Speaking about that. I was quite surprised to see you are playing at the Manning Bar in Sydney and not at the Metro like last time. I was expecting an even bigger venue not smaller.

SB. I asked why too, and they told me pretty much everything else was fully booked. I don’t know the Manning Bar at all, have you been there?

SR. Yeah mate, plenty of times, it’s a very cool intimate venue inside the University of Sydney. You will literally be playing really close to the crowd. No wonder it sold out already.

SB. Oh man! I think I’ll pass (laughs)…I don’t mind intimate venues, obviously I prefer bigger ones just for a safety point of view. Anyway, I do what I do because I love rock & roll, I’m a music fan and for me it doesn’t matter if I’m playing at the metro, a stadium or a garage, I always give my 200%. So let’s rock that place hard!

SR. Are you planning to do something different in this Tour? Maybe some new songs as a treat?

SB. I’ve been doing a similar set for quite a while, and in order to create a different vibe and also protect my voice, I’m restructuring the set before going fully nuts.

“The whole GN’R tour made me understand even more why Skid Row fans wants us to get back.”

I’ll play some less challenging tracks at the beginning, maybe some iconic ballads too, just to warm up and then things will get loud! I do this now because despite how I look on stage, I’m getting damn old (laughs).

SR. Any new music in the works?

SB. I’m starting to record demos for my next album. However, I’m not in a rush, as I want to do things good, I’m an old school guy, I still like to have CD’s and Records, I love that old rustic sound.

You might have heard people like the guys from KISS saying there is not really a reason to do records anymore because there is no record industry, as fans now just can go to iTunes.

That’s why I want the new album to feel different, I wanna focus on vocals more, and create a California type of record with its own vibe, like a “The Doors meet Motley Crüe” or “Van Halen meets The Eagles” kind of thing.

Just look at the Angel Down album. There I wanted to do a heavy metal album, that’s why there are a lot of instruments involved, with killer guitars and stuff.

Fans don’t want the same shit over and over again, and neither do I.

SR. I must say your book 18 & Life on Skid Row was the perfect companion while I was in hospital and i finished in less than two days. I was blown away by the fact that Snake (from Skid Row) is the godfather of one of your kids and the stories about the “Acement” at Ace Frehley’s place.

SB. Thanks bro. Yes, a lot of f*up stuff there, it was such a journey to look back and remembering so many things that I’ve not revisited in so long to write the book.

It sucks the whole Skid Row thing you know? And I’m glad you did not ask me the same thing that every journalist ask: Will there be a reunion? … clearly that people haven’t read the book, or seen previous interviews. Look, I’m cool with that, don’t take me wrong, because like you I’m also a Skid Row fan and I’d love to see the band together again.

“…I wanna focus on vocals more, and create a California type of record with its own vibe, like a “The Doors meet Motley Crüe” or “Van Halen meets The Eagles” kind of thing.”

The problem is we haven’t been able to get together in a room and talk, the few things we say to each other is by text messages, as I said before and many times I’m more than open to a potential reunion.

SR. I actually wanted to ask you about your relation with Ace Frehley after you noticed he didn’t credit you on the song Foxy and Free, as you guys worked together on it (laughs).

SB. Oh sorry dude, I thought you wanted to know about Skid Row when you mentioned Snake, call it a bonus answer then (laughs).

I never mentioned it to Ace…Never spoke to him about the credits on the song, because I’m such a big Kiss fan and I rather to keep the magic intact.

Now, I got told there is a re-issue of Anomaly and maybe this time I’m on the writing credits for Foxy and Free, but I haven’t checked yet.

Anyway, I love Ace, and he still is one of my heroes.

SR. I’m assuming you went to see Guns n’ Roses in their recent “reunion” tour. What did you think?

SB. Of course I went and they were awesome! I know is not the full reunion, but seen Axl, Slash and Duff again was a dream.

The whole GN’R tour made me understand even more why Skid Row fans wants us to get back. As I said I’m myself a Skid Row fan, and would love to see a reunion too, if the guns did it, maybe we can too.

SR. You are not only one of the best rock frontmen around, you are are one of the funniest storytellers. Can you share with us anything funny during your last Australian tour?

SB. (Laughs) I’ve a good one! I cannot remember what city was, but I almost got kicked out from the hotel. Not for being drinking or partying but because I got into an argue with this weirdo who was supposed to be a fan.

When we were at the lobby I saw this dude who claimed to be part of my entourage, he said he was my hairdresser (laughs). The moment I heard him I got so mad, and security came to stop me.

I was screaming to him like “leave my hair alone! You aren’t my hairdresser” and the guy was convinced he was (laughs).

Seriously, can I at least get credit for my own hair? (Laughs).

SR. Just to finish. Any message for your fans ahead of the tour?

SB. Thanks for selling out Sydney. I love traveling the world, and Australia is one of my favourite places, fans there are amazing, except for the hairdresser dude (laughs).

I cannot wait to be there and see so many smiley faces ready to rock again, even after 28 years it feels like day one! Let’s have some fun and come over to rock!

Sebastian Bach TOUR DATES

Saturday 21st October – Perth – Astor Theatre

Sunday 22nd October – Adelaide – The Gov

Thursday 26th October – Brisbane – The Tivoli

Friday 27th October – Sydney – Manning Bar SOLD OUT

Saturday 28th October – Melbourne – Forum Theatre


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