By Jonathan Matthews

We caught up with Robby Baca the guitarist of progressive experimental rock group “The Contortionist” in regard to the bands upcoming Australian tour alongside the gods of Djent “Sikth” for which they both will be performing at The Gov in Adelaide on May 5th. We talked about their whacky songwriting, and what else is coming up for the lads in future.

SR: How are you?

R: Good man, how are you?

SR: Good, are you looking forward to your upcoming Australian tour and playing at the Gov in Adelaide?

R: Yeah man!

SR:  Have you played at the Gov before?

R: Our trips to Australia are so spread out, I forget the names of the venues until I get there in person…

SR: I get that, where was the last place you played here in Adelaide?

R: I can’t remember any of the names of the venues I’m sorry!

“…The title track “Clairvoyant” was pretty heavily inspired by Sikth who we’re gonna be in Australia with…

SR: Do you have any other plans to check out anything in particular while you’re over here in Australia?

R: Nothing yet. We always just end up exploring and walking around. Adelaide is such a cool town, there’s always stuff going on everywhere, I’m sure we’ll get up to something wild there!

SR: You released “Clairvoyant” late last year, do you have a favourite song off the album that you like to play live?

R: On this tour I’ve really enjoyed playing the “Clairvoyant” title track, as well as “Absolved” and “Return to Earth”. It’s been real fun playing those songs.

SR: What’s your plans after the release of the album, are you going to begin working on a new one anytime soon?

R: Yeah, If we had another 6 months we could have put out a double album or something. I think in January we are going to get into a writing mode and we’ll see what happens, sometimes you make plans for a tour cycle to be shorter but then you just get offer after offer and before you know it your tour cycle has been extended for another year, it really depends on what comes up. But our plans are definitely to start writing as soon as we can…

SR: Exciting stuff. How’s everything been going since the release of the album?

R: It’s been a great time.

SR: What would you say is the source of your inspiration for the new album “Clairvoyant”?

R: It’s a bit different for each song. The title track “Clairvoyant” was pretty heavily inspired by Sikth who we’re gonna be in Australia with. I’ve loved that band since I was fifteen years old when “Death of a Dead Day” came out. I always look back to that record, it’s one of those metal records that never gets old, the riffs on it, the songwriting. So yeah Clairvoyant was heavily influenced by Sikth for sure.

SR: How would you describe your style of music? It’s pretty out there!

R: Uh, I don’t know man, I tend not to try to describe it because we always try to reinvent ourselves with each different record every time. We’re absolutely inspired by progressive rock bands and progressive metal bands though. I would describe us as an experimental rock band.

SR: What song off the Clairvoyant album means the most to you?

R: I’ll give you three, I think the three tracks that mean the most to me are; the title track Clairvoyant, Return to Earth, and Monochrome 2. My brother and I put a lot of work in on those songs, just because of that I feel pretty emotionally attached to them. The first time I heard the vocals for those songs I was almost bought to tears, that first time I heard the vocals for those songs in the studio I was just blown away.

SR: What’s the craziest thing that has happened at a live show of yours?

R: So we just got off tour with a band called Nothing More, a prog rock influenced radio band. We got very close to them while on tour. As per usual, the headlining band are responsible for tour pranks, during the last song of our set which is probably the most intense and complex song; the band took our entire drum set away. We had to finish the song with just a hi-hat. As it was happening I was like “Oh no!” It’s pretty hilarious that our drummer pulled it off.

SR: Any plans to do anything in Australia after your shows?

R: Just gunning for the finish line right now. Trying to re-adjust before heading over to Australia.

SR: Do you have anything to say to your fans over here in Australia?

R: We’re heaps excited for the show, stoked to meet everyone that comes out! and watch SIKTH!

With plans of a new album next year and a ripper headline tour underway, we foresee more great music still to come from these prophetic progressive rock gods in future. For now, don’t miss them, buy your tickets today!

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