As the string of 10 year album tours continue to come through Australia, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus joins the list this May with classic Don’t You Fake It reaching the milestone. Those skinny jeans are going to need to come back out of the wardrobe for this one! I can’t be the only one excited to relive screaming their hit Face Down at the top of my lungs!

We got the chance to chat to singer Ronnie Winter about the tour and reflection of the album!

SR: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are coming back to Australia for the Don’t You Fake It 10 year anniversary tour. How excited are you to be coming back?

I’m excited we have lot of great history is Australia, it’s been a long relationship. Every time we release a new album we tour over there, almost. We do our best to keep coming back and people keep coming to the shows! Don’t You Fake It is mostly our fans favourite album so it’s pretty much for them.

SR: How important is DYFI as an album to you enough to be playing a 10 year anniversary tour?

Interesting question, it’s extremely important. It’s always going to be our first album so it’s always going to be what we’re most known for and that’s pretty normal for most bands and it’s kind of a foundation of what we built everything on so yeah, it’s very important.

SR:  When you are playing those songs from 10 years ago, do you ever revert back into a mental state of where you were at the time you wrote them, or do you feel you’ve grown enough to not have that form of attachment anymore?

We toured the album all year long, we took four months off because my wife and I had a baby. In that time we were supposed to do two territories which was Australia and the UK. Essentially we are at the end of this tour. As far as reconnecting to the songs; after the first couple of jams we kind of just snapped back to where we were. It was fun, but it did feel a little weird at first because we are all older now. We’ve grown up, had kids and life has moved on but the songs are really fun to play again and we’ve never said we didn’t like our first album. I don’t know if other bands don’t like their first albums but we think our first album is great and we are glad that it is our album!

SR: When doing these shows you have all of these people who grew up listening to RJA and having you as a kind of spokesperson for them. How do you feel that they are still so excited about your first album?

Well I’ve always done my best to be honest with my lyrics and of all of my successes and mistakes. Over the years we have developed a really cool relationship with our fans by telling them how it is. That’s all over our albums. I like to think people like that.

We don’t really endorse or pitch or carry a flag for anything other than to live the right way, have help and be kind of one another and we’ve just rode that from the beginning. We like to talk about our failures and weakness which is all over the first album. It’s been 10 years and I’ve overcome many of those things.

A lot of things on our third and fourth records are the answer back to a lot of things on the first album. It just depends how much you follow the lyrics and I think people connect to it because we do try to be honest.

SR: You haven’t been very publicly active as a band since your last release. How does it feel to be back in the swing of things?

We take breaks, we started the band in 2003- it’s been 14 years, so you learn when to take breaks. People have kids, people pursue other opportunities sometimes you want to take longer writing songs. We just do what’s necessary, we’re not really part of the “rat race”. We just do things when we want to and when it feels natural. As far as being back in it again- it’s been great. When you do it this long, it’s just like riding a bike.

SR: If there was any song in the world you wished you’d written what would it be?

I’m a big John Lennon fan, my wife and I sing all of his songs. I guess Across the Universe.


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Don’t You Fake It 10 year anniversary tour kicks off next month!

Tickets on sale now!

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