Pierce Brothers have made their way from busking on the streets of Melbourne to delivering irresistible energy in their world-class, sold out live shows everywhere from England to the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. The multi-instrumentalist twin brothers, Jack and Pat, sold 50,000 EPs independently before signing to Warner Music Australia.

Thanks to Warner Music Australia, we had the chance to get in touch with Jack Pierce in order to find out more about their upcoming new EP My Tired Mind as well as supporting Tash Sultana during her Australian tour in just a few days.

SR. Would you mind to introduce Pierce Brothers to our audience?

Pierce Brothers is made up of Jack and Pat Pierce. They are twin brothers, who started out in the busking scene on Bourke St, Melbourne.

SR. My Tired Mind is about to be released. What can you tell us about working on the EP?

We worked with John Castle in Brunswick and Hawthorn, over a period of about 12 months. It was very close quarters a lot of the time, pretty much doing all of the instruments between the three of us, save for some occasional horns and keys from The Cat Empire.

The original plan was to release one album. As we worked and prepared for the release we found that we had more songs and live material than one album, and we thought since we had such a massive year of touring, it would make sense to release it in ‘themes’.

SR. What comes first the lyrics or the music?

Usually the music comes first, with “blah, blah, blah” often being the lyrics. We’ll spend ages on a song just in that stage and playing it around and listening back. The lyrics can be quite hard to come by.

We always will write a song with a vague idea in mind and end up with lyrics that are okay; but don’t really tell a story. So we do re-writes all the time! The best lyrics that we always keep will be songs that are written fast, that come to you almost fully formed, when you’re in the right mood to tell a story. We’re constantly searching for that feeling and will write lyrics every day, my phone is full on notes and little singing audio clips from toilets all over the place!

SR. You are supporting Tash Sultana’s shows. She has become an inspiration for many musicians. What can you tell us about being on tour with her? Have you guys had the chance to hang out with her?

Tash and us used to busk together on the streets of Melbourne, and have been playing shows together for years. Before she broke out of the Melbourne scene and onto the world stage we toured all around Australia and she joined us onstage at a few festivals both in Australia and overseas. We also share managers in Australia and Europe, so we very much a family.

We’ve just returned from a 5-week tour of North America, living in each other’s pockets on the bus. It’s a good thing we all get along so well, we just had the best time.

There are lots of laughs and miles shared between us.

SR. ‘The Records Were Ours’ is the first of a trilogy of Eps. What’s the idea behind it…don’t you feel it’s a bit risky or you enjoy taking risks in music?

That was the plan! We got two in and started on a third (with most recorded out) and then through heavy touring we’ve had to abandon the idea and just begin work on our debut album! Originally we had it all planned out for when and how we’d release and had everything ready. Then more and more touring opportunities came up (especially the Tash Sultana North American tour) and our limited time to get it all done vanished!

We both were happy to take the risk and set ourselves that goal, however its okay to fall short sometimes; and it gives us the chance to get straight to the album. As we write this we’re recording two new songs in the studio that we’re pretty excited about!

However there may be an EP in the future that could close off that trilogy! Nothings impossible!

SR. From Melbourne, to the world…How would you describe your journey as a music duo?

Hard and lucky. We’ve had incredible opportunities over the last few years, and we’ve worked our arses off all over to build an audience in different markets like Europe. Some markets like North America we wouldn’t have been able to visit had it not been for Tash taking us. Now theres an opportunity for us there that we’re eager to get stuck into. So yeah, hard and lucky!

SR. As Twins, we assume you had had some very fun stories while on the road. Would you mind to share any funny tour story with us?

Getting lost the first time we visited Amsterdam, getting stoned, wandering around in amazement at the beautify of the old architecture and then being recognised by a fan. Jack freaked out and ran away. We both lost our shoes.

SR. Have you ever had the chance to meet any of your music heroes?

Touring with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done, as we grew up listening to his songs. We were a little worried that he wouldn’t live up to our expectations but he was such a legend to tour with and chat to.

Now we just need to play with Pearl Jam, Neil Young and Powderfinger and we’ll be happy (unlikely but you never know!).

SR. Any message for music fans ahead of the release of My Tired Mind?

We sincerely hope that they enjoy the songs as we’ve been waiting to release some of them for so long. Also, as always, thank you for the support!


 Saturday 18th November – Adelaide Entertainment Theatre, Adelaide SA

Friday 1st December – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW

Thursday 7th December – Freo Arts Centre, Fremantle WA

Saturday 9th December – 3 Oceans Winery, Margaret River WA

Thursday 14th December – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne Vic

Saturday 16th December – Noosa AFL Grounds, Noose Qld

My Tired MindAvailable on November 17
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