‘’Metalcore’s New Breed Look to sell out Venues’’

By Jonathan Matthews

We caught up with Nyves and Robin of the post hardcore band VENUES, all the way from Germany! We chatted about their new album ‘Aspire’, songwriting inspirations, and their upcoming plans!

SR. Hey guys! I’m here to chat with you about your band VENUES. People have been saying that you’re making sadness sound beautiful, what do you have to say in response to that?

N: Thankyou for the kind words. That’s quite a compliment for us and a really nice description of our music.

SR. Do you have a favourite track from your new album ‘Aspire’?

N: We all have different favourite songs from the new record, but speaking for myself, my favourite is ‘The Longing’. Not because I think it is the best song, but it’s very personal to me.

SR. Would you be able to tell me why that song is special to you, and what it means?

N: Of course! When I first heard the song, I felt an explosion of emotions. I loved how it’s so melancholy, but still full of hope. I love the melodies at the beginning, and I think it’s beautiful, because you cannot feel hope without first feeling sadness. The song filled me with emotions, and I wrote the lyrics about my little sister, and that’s why the song is very important for me.

SR. So it’s a song about your sister? Or for her?

N: The melodies made me think of my sister, so it’s not necessarily about her or for her, but just inspired by her. It’s hard to explain. It’s a combination of my feelings for her, but at the same time, a description of her strength, and also the longing for my younger self. She is seven years younger than me, so when I look at her I see my younger self. It’s that combination that makes it important.

SR. How about you, Robin?

R: My favourite song is ‘My True North’. The song is a bit older, and I wrote my lyrics for my parts together with one of my best friends. The title was created together with him. The lyrics mean a lot to me, especially the end of the song. It’s quite magical to me, so that is my favourite. He used to play bass in the band but he moved to Berlin, he had different life plans.

SR. Everyone goes their own way eventually. You’ve got some new videos out for the tracks ‘We Are One’, and ‘Ignite’. Could you tell me what those songs music videos mean to you?

N: Well first I’ll say that ‘Ignite’ is an important song because it was the first song that we wrote in this style, so it opened the gate for our current style. It was really important for our development. We wrote ‘We Are One’ after that, and it’s a call out song. It’s about how we are all connected to each other in some way, and it is really important to greet everyone with an open heart. We tried to show that with the visualisation of different lives and different people. We wanted to show that although we all have different lives, routines, jobs, we’re from different countries, but everyone can feel the same pain, everyone can feel the same hope. We are all one, we are all connected. I think that song really contains our main message to everyone.

SR. You’ve been complimented on your DIY work ethic. You guys seem to do a lot of the work yourselves, together. What is it that you don’t do?

R: When it comes to recording, mixing and mastering, we have to work with other professionals, as we don’t have our own studio or producers in the band. When it comes to music videos, we worked with a good friend of ours, he always does a great job on our videos, and understands what we want to get across.

SR. Have you got any plans to come over to Australia?

R: I would love to go over to Australia! We have to focus on Europe first and spread the word over here, but to go to Australia one day would be really awesome.

SR. How did you guys all meet?

R: The whole project started back about six or seven years ago. When I joined the band, it had a different name, it was called ‘Break Down a Venue’. It was early 2014 when they were looking for a shouter, so I went to an audition and they chose me. Shortly after I joined the band we changed drummers and found Dennis, and that was when we had the full line up that we have today.

SR. I think the addition of the shouting/screaming really compliments the sound and completes the music. Where did the idea for the ‘Aspire’ album artwork come from?

N: We did the artwork together with our photographer. She’s very creative and has her own style. So we had some particular ideas that we wanted, the male model, the colours, the direction and the feelings that are conveyed. The photographer put her own style and thought into the artwork. The gold stand for a hopes and dreams, and the direction the man is looking in is positive, because he is not looking down, he is looking up in hope. I think when you look up, it’s something positive. We may not know what the positive thing is, but we are looking up and searching for it. I think that it’s full of faith and positive feelings.

SR. Do you have any messages for the people of Australia that might be first time listeners?

N: Good question. I would say be open, don’t have any expectations, just listen to the music. I think for a lot of people, the album might seem quite different to our other ones because we have really combined a lot of styles. Meet our album with an open heart.

SR. I think it’s going to be received really well. The blend of your voices and the combination of styles is remarkable!

N & R: Thankyou so much!

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