Nothing But Thieves are the next lovable British alternative rock band, slowly starting to blossom within the music world. The 5 lovely lads from Essex released their debut self-titled album last year and the boys have their Splendor in the Grass debut this weekend!

Thanks to Sony Music we got the absolute pleasure to speak to guitarist and sarcastic marvel Dom Craik, all about the roller coaster performances coming up. So get your wristbands and enjoy the ride.

SR: How are you feeling with your upcoming Splendor in the Grass appearances and sideshows?

I’m very excited to be able to have the opportunity to come to Australia, let alone come to play it [SITG]. I think a lot of British people have a desire to travel there and I feel slightly privileged to be able to go there. Being in a band is a bit of a laugh really; I get to play multiple shows, get to travel your beautiful country and get drunk during most of that- so what’s not to like?!

SR:Who on the Splendor lineup are you excited to see or play alongside?

This might seem a bit obscure but I haven’t seen Flume yet, and I know he’s an Aussie boy and I’m a huge fan of his. I’ve also not seen The Cure before, and out of curiosity I feel like I have to go.

SR:What kind of a setlist will we be expecting for these shows?

We’re going to do a karaoke set list of Kylie and Queen songs. But if our managers don’t like the idea, we’ll probably just play our songs. [laughs]

We’re going to do a 30 minute set- as far as I am aware. It’s going to be no messing around kind of thing. we know the objective is to grab the audience by the balls and make them reassess their life once we’ve left the stage; in a good way.

It will be an intense, emotional roller coaster- but a safe one. Like, a roller coaster that’s had it’s safety checks done in the last 2 years, with a 1.3 meter height limit; but if you’re accompanied by an adult, you can be 1 meter. [laughs]

SR: Is there anywhere in Australia you would like to go to or see whilst you’re over here?

I know I’m going there, but I’ve heard Byron Bay is cool. I’d like to go to Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth as well- or is that shit, I don’t know? That will do for now. I’ll go to those first and assess if i need to go to anymore.

You’ve got that big bit in the middle where nothing is going on? [laughs] You can tell I paid a lot of attention at school.


SR: Your Debut Self-Titled album was released late last year, how have you found the response?

Internationally it’s quite hard to gauge. In the UK it’s alright because you can see the album charts, you see the growth in your hometown with shows and radio play. You don’t really get told anything when it’s not around here because we don’t have friends really overseas, whereas here you’ll get friends ringing being like “oh we just heard you on this show!” Eastenders for example. So the response as far as i’m aware has been good, it’s all unravelling internationally and it’s been a pleasant surprise.

SR: The producers used for the release have worked with bands such as U2, 30 Seconds to Mars, Placebo and Kids In Glass Houses. With your influence seeming to be right within the middle of those acts, you still seem to have an original form of sound. What was the decision to go with Cenzo Townshend and Adam Noble?

To be honest, it was more to do with practicality and geography. They were close to us and we got on with them. They’re more friends than anything. We were writing the album and they were there for the start. We just let nature take it’s course and it felt like the right thing to be doing the album with them.

SR: Recently you endured in a “Foo Fighters Drinking Game”, how did that go for you?

Oh yeah.. well i think my hesitation sums it up.

We called it Long Road to Ruin- which I think was good, but it felt a bit stupid because it would get to the point where you would listen to one song where you’d drunk so much, you wouldn’t even know what your own name is.

We’re huge Foo Fighters fans and I think that we forgot about half way that we were doing the drinking game, we were just excited listening to the songs and drinking without paying attention to the rules.

Long story short- we got really drunk and I think it was a good time for all. I can’t really recall what happened after The Pretender. I’m sure my mum wouldn’t be ashamed of it.

SR:If there was any song in the world you’d wished you’d written, what would it be?

Grace by Jeff Buckley. But i can’t even tell you why. He annoys me, right? Jeff Buckley. First of all he’s good looking, he’s amazing at his instrument, he’s got a great voice and wrote great songs- he’s an all rounder. I’m sure he was really good at chess or something. He’s just one of those people you always know you’re never going to be better than, so i’m irritated by him but also envious.

Catch Nothing But Thieves at Splendor in the Grass this weekend!


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