Aussie virtuosos Chase Atlantic are set to hit the Download Festival, stage tomorrow and thanks to Warner Music Australia we had the chance to speak with the band’s frontman Mitchel Cave, in order to find out more about their new music, playing with Good Charlotte and all course, all things Download!

SR. Being in a band composed by brothers is always a worry for many labels. Especially if you look at what happened to the likes of Oasis. How do you guys keep the vibe intact?

There’s always a bit of a stigma around having two brothers in a band but honestly I think it makes the whole process easier. Because we’ve grown up with each other our whole lives, we’re able to speak openly and honestly with one another on a creative spectrum, without having to worry about offending one another.

SR. You guys have been compared with The Weeknd and the 1975. How do you take those comments? Do you think comparisons are a bit tricky?

Comparisons are always a lil tricky, but people need something they can relate to, you know, it makes them feel safe. Luckily we fuck with those artists so it’s kind of a compliment to us in a way. We’re still out here building a unique sound though.

“…Joel and Benji [Good Charlotte] are our managers, so the tour is going to be insane already…”

SR. Why the big move to the US? How different is to work on your music there compared to Australia?

Since we were younger we always had the ideology that we were going to take this music shit to the moon. Unfortunately we couldn’t get on our hand on any space equipment so we settled with heading over to the States. There’s a very present glass ceiling within the Australian music industry. I’ve watched so many artists not reach their full potential because they were confined to a single continent.

SR. Congratulations on the success of “Swim”. What can you tell us about the song and the making of the video?

Thank you! Swim is like a favoured child to us. We wrote the track a few months ago and instantly fell in love with it. The video was very spontaneous. We were on tour with Blackbear driving down the coast of Aus and we thought “fuck it; let’s make a video for Swim.” So we had our friend Matt Rogers shoot some cool footage, then Clinton spent a good two weeks editing the video together.

SR. You guys are coming home for Download in Melbourne! How crazy is that! How is the band getting ready for perhaps one of your biggest stages to date?

We’re honestly just so happy to be coming home. The fact that we get to perform to such a large audience is just the cherry on top.

SR. From the Download line-up. What band you want to meet and hang out with?

You already know we’re gonna be hanging with the big homies Good Charlotte, oh and Fred Durst is a great dude as well; so we’ll probably all just hang.

SR. You are also doing shows with Sleeping with Sirens and Good Charlotte. Have you toured with them or have any contact with them before? What can fans expect from those shows?

We toured with SWS late last year and it was our first run around the US. We became good friends so they decided to have us back on tour. And Joel and Benji [Good Charlotte] are our managers, so the tour is going to be insane already. The shows are going to be wild! We’re all about bringing a decent amount of energy, but these shows are going to make us go crazy.

SR. What do you think about the current state of the Australian music scene?

Honestly, there is an insane amount of untapped potential. There are these underground artists that are making some of the coolest music I’ve heard, it’s just a shame that the music scene is so commercially dominated, but that’ll change.

SR. Can you share with us any funny story while on the road?

Well one time we left a member at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. We drove for quite some time before realising they weren’t on the bus. It wasn’t funny then but it’s funny AF now.

SR. Any message for fellow Aussies ahead of your return Down Under?

I’ll see you soon beautiful people. We’re going to be heading out and playing shows all around the country, so get your tickets now!


Saturday 24 March, 2018 / Flemington Racecourse
Download Melbourne is an 18+ event
Tickets to Download Melbourne are on sale 9am (AEDT), Thursday 16 November
Ticket prices:
GA – $169.90 + booking fees and credit card charges
RIP – $289.90 + booking fees and credit card charges
View more ticketing info here


March 26 – Sydney, Hordern Pavilion  – Good Charlotte Support

March 28 – Brisbane, Riverstage – Good Charlotte Support

April 21 – Sydney, Big Top – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 22 – Melbourne, Festival Hall – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 24 – Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 25 – Perth, Metro City – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 27 – Brisbane, Eatons Hill – Sleeping With Sirens Support

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