By Jonathan Matthews

We had a chance to chat to Mikee Goodman, a writer and film director who is also one of the two very talented vocalists from the British metal band “SikTh” who are considered to be the fathers of the Djent metal genre. We talked about their most recent release ‘The future in whose eyes’, as well as their upcoming Australian tour, and how they cooked up their original epically brutal and unique music style.

SR. How are you doing today?

M. I’m doing great, I saw this amazing one man band called Bob London last night, he was absolutely amazing. One of the greatest things I have ever seen in my entire life. It was kind of like Psychedelic blues, real rhythmic stuff, absolutely amazing!

SR. That sounds awesome, what have you been up to recently?

M. Well personally, I’ve been doing some voice overs for some different video games, one is called Elysium. There’s a very interesting cast of voices on it including Spencer from the band “Periphery.”

SR.  How do you know Spencer from Periphery, he was in your music video for “Cracks of Light” right?

M. Yeah! We did a tour in America with them in 2016, we got on really well, they’re a great band! We really enjoyed working with them. I had a chat with Spencer, we decided we wanted to work together, and I got him to come over and be in our music video. It was cool, we had a shoestring budget too…

SR. How’s everything been going since the release of your latest album the “Future in whose eyes” last year? Are people buying more digital downloads or physical CD’s?

M. I haven’t really seen the sales to be honest, I got told that the digital sales are usually half these days. We packaged the physical CD’s really nicely, with a little lyric and photo book, and some extra content. I personally prefer having physical CD’s.

SR. Do you feel this album is as heavy as the others?

M. It’s heavy, but we haven’t promoted the heavy songs as much, there’s been more focus on the melodic ones this time.

SR. What’s your favourite song on the album?

M. ‘Century of a Narcissist‘ is my favourite song.

SR. You’re playing in Adelaide at The Gov on May the fifth, are you looking forward to it?

M. Yes! We’ve never been to Australia before, it’s our first time, and I’m really buzzing about it!

SR. Are you planning to check anything else out while you’re over here?

M. Yeah, I’m going to Australia a bit earlier to spend some time in Sydney, which should be fun.

SR. Have you got any guest stars coming on tour with you?

M. Nah, Spencer of Periphery is unfortunately unavailable during that time, they’re having a year off and doing some writing at the moment.

SR. You guys have been called the fathers of Djent, what do you say to that?

M. We’ve heard that a lot. When you make music, you gotta try to make your own type of music.

SR. How would you classify or describe your music? For somebody who’s never heard it before?

M. It’s kind of like frantic technical progressive metal. At times even maniacal. Our sound is quite epic, but also melodic.

SR. As a vocalist, who are your influences?

M. I’d say my favourite poet is Leonard Cohen. As for musicians, Jim Morrison, ….. I try not to take too much influence from anyone, I try to develop my own style. But I can really appreciate what others have done. Be your own person, and express who you are. If not, you should just be in a cover band.

SR. How did you come up with the band name ‘Sikth’?

M. We were sitting around with some ex band members, somebody said about dice, six sided dice, somebody put a k in the middle of it, it doesn’t mean a thing. It’s not a real word, so when you type it in it comes up with the band.

SR. It has a nice ring to it, how did you guys originally come together?

M. Well I was a promoter and in bands as well, but I wanted to do something new, then there was this band called “Malpractice” who needed a new vocalist, I joined up and met the current members of Sikth. I wanted to bring in a second vocalist, make it crazy. Some members left, and we got new members and became more technical and a more melodic band, and evolved into what it is.

SR. Just to finish, anything you’d like to say to fans in Australia?

M. Please come out, tell all your friends, we want to see as many people as we can, it’s our first time here. We’ve been waiting 18 years to come over. We want to experience that incredible energy we’ve heard that Aussies have.

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