If This Is All We’re Going To Be” is the latest release from the up-comers Luca Brasi who are slowly taking over the world, just about to embark on a lengthy tour in correlation of the release

Thanks to our friend Anastasia from Deathproof, we got the opportunity to talk to vocalist and bassist Tyler Richardson about their new release, the tour and their upcoming success.

SR: Luca Brasi is slowly but surely becoming a household name, was this the dream?

yeah, it was always kind of pipe dream, you don’t want to get too far ahead of yourself and get let down. It’s always been a hope, and now the fact that we’re getting the recognition that we are is just completely mind blowing, and we’re blown away that it’s actually happening at the moment.

SR:Do you think coming from such a small place such as Tasmania, it makes it a lot harder for bands such as yourself as you’re not in the pipeline of everything?

Yeah, it definitely is an obstacle. When you’re starting out you know that you might not get that chance to play all those support slots down the road. If you live in Melbourne you can go do a support slot at The Corner for $50 and it’s okay because you’re getting that exposure. It’s kind of hard to say yes to a $50 show when you live in Tassie. So it’s definitely an obstacle but it’s something that we just chipped away at and kept coming back and not leaving people alone. Which was kind of our plan; to keep going back so people notice us.

SR: Your latest release If This Is All We’re Going To Be has been out for a few weeks, how have you found the reception?

Just absolutely crazy, like nothing we could have ever dreamed of to be honest, mate. The fact that the first pressing of the LP has already completely gone and there is a new pressing that will be here in a week- I just don’t know how that’s happened. Being a feature album and being so high in the ARIA charts- to even be on the ARIA charts. Once again, it’s something we hoped would happen but when it actually did; it’s crazy.

SR: We’re not sure whether you read the review we’ve written about the album, but for us, this album is almost like a timeline of experience, being so personal, nostalgic and emotive especially in the song Count Me Out, do you use songwriting as a form of cathartic therapy?

Absolutely! I did read your review, when you just said about the timeline in my head I was like “I read that review” [laughs] so firstly thank you for the kind words

Writing for me is such a good relief, it’s kind of like hitting a punching bag. It’s like letting something out and clearing a space in your mind to make room for something a bit more positive. I’m quite an anxious person and to write helps me relax and feel better about things.

SR:I’d like to ask about the backstory behind Anything But Conviction?

That whole thing came about when you get too far inside your own head. You’re really thinking about yourself so much it feels like you’re not really giving your attention to other people in your life that really matter to you. I do that quite often, find myself really wrapped up in myself without really meaning to be, so I’m trying to focus on doing better; not just for myself but for people that I love too. That song is a real kick up the ass for me. With the chorus “I don’t ever want to hear you say that this is the best that you will ever get from me”, you can always do better for yourself, for your mates or someone that you love and it’s a big reminder for me.


SR: You’re about to embark on a tour with The Smith Street Band, as well as doing your headline tour a little after that! How are you feeling ahead of playing so many shows and touring your country before heading overseas?

We’re stoked. we’ve had no time to process what has been going on. It’s going to feel real when we do that first show, it’ll be like “we’re doing our album cycle now and we’re actually locked into this thing”. It’s absolute chaos how everything has just fallen into place.

SR: Do you have a preference whether being the headline act or a support or is all just good and fun to be playing?

Overall it’s all really good fun, but it’s amazing to know then when you’re headlining that all these people have come out of their houses to see you play, it’s mad.

SR:Where do you see Luca BrasI in the next 5 years?

We’ve already started writing the next record and this is our first time going overseas to play these shows later in the year; it’s such a big tour with some great bands. If we can keep bringing our mates bands out and keep playing these venues we’ve always wanted to play, hanging out, partying; if we can keep doing that for the next 5 years we’d be so extremely lucky.

SR:You have a very close connection with your fan base, do you have any memorable fan stories which you could share?

Overall you’ll find that someone will come up to you after a show and say something about how that show or that song makes them feel, or how far they’ve come to see you play.

Moments like that, if you’re having a bad day, you’re tired or hungover; you get to that show and everything just melts away and you see the appreciation in someone’s face. That connection is such a huge thing.

It’s such a huge thing that someone can feel like that towards some of our songs and for the band; because I feel that for so many bands and I find it really surprising that it comes back the other way.

SR:If there was any song in the world you wished you’d written, what would it be?

There is probably a lot of Hot Water Music songs that I wish I wrote. Free Radio Gainesville by Hot Water Music is just a song that I put on and I’d go “I wish that I had those words in me and I wish they came out of me”.


Catch Luca Brasi on their Australian Tour this August!

Tickets on sale Wed May 11 via lucabrasi.com.au

Wednesday 17th AugustThe Basement, Canberra
Thursday 18th August – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Friday 19th August – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday 20th AugustThe Zoo, Brisbane
Thursday 25th AugustJack Rabbit Slims, Perth
Friday 26th AugustFat Controller, Adelaide
Saturday 27th AugustThe Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Sunday 28th August – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
And if you can’t wait until then… Catch them touring with The Smith Street Band this June!
Friday 3rd June – Metro, Sydney – SOLD OUT
Saturday 4th June  – Max Watts, Brisbane – SOLD OUT
Thursday 9th June – Capitol, Perth
Friday 10th June  – Capitol, Perth – SOLD OUT
Saturday 11th June – The Gov, Adelaide – SOLD OUT
Thursday 16th June – Max Watts, Melbourne – SOLD OUT
Friday 17th June  – Max Watts, Melbourne – SOLD OUT
Saturday 18th June – Max Watts, Melbourne – SOLD OUT

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