Be ready for another bitchin’ tour, as the Steel Panther gang is heading back Down Under in May for a brand new tour, where they will be playing not only their hits but also tons of iconic hair metal songs.

To find out more about the tour, we had the chance to speak to the sexiest and hottest Bass Player in the band (actually, he is the only one), Lexxi Foxxx. Have a look at our chat below, and be ready to “Feel the Steel with your Balls Out, in an All you Can Eat restaurant where you can also lower the bar” if you have to!

SR. You guys are almost Australians by now. You keep coming back over and over again!

LF. We f** Love Australia, every time we go there we have such a good time, people is super friendly and the chicks are smoking hot. Australia was such an important platform for us as well, playing Soundwave two times was a total highlight for us. You guys really like to party, and we will keep bringing the party back every time we can!

SR. This tour will be quite different to previous ones. What can you tell us about the concept behind the ‘Sunset Strip Live’ tour?

LF. Yes, it’s a totally different show where we play our songs, and we also include a bunch of songs from other bands, from friends you know, exactly like is done in the Sunset Strip, packed of 80’s metal.

Overall, it’s a full show that recreates what is the Hollywood scene, it’s our songs plus a set of covers that we are sure fans will dig!

SR. Speaking about your two times playing Soundwave. Sadly the festival is no longer happening in Australia, but we wonder what are your most fond memories of those tours?

LF. It was killer, I’ve nothing but good memories about it. I remember the first time we were on a bit early, but still it was a huge crowd there, it was great. There were also tons of Aussie boobs to enjoy in the crowd, so that was interesting (laughs).

We had plenty of drinks, meet hot Aussie chicks, and also got to hang out with other bands, which is the best thing of playing these type of festivals.

SR. Are you guys currently working in new music?

LF. Yes we have started writing some bits and pieces for the new album, but it’s quite early to say, now we are mostly focusing on the tour.

SR. Back in the day we asked Satchel, if he could update the song “Dead to all but Metal” with new celebrity names on it, which celebrities he will now include. So I wonder who would you like to include if you could into that song?

LF. What did Satchel say?

SR. He mostly say he was happy you guys said that about Kanye West in the song.

LF. Well, I agree with that, maybe now we should include something about Trump in a gang-bang (laughs).

SR. All your fellow band mates also told us what celebrities they would like to spend a night with

LF. I don’t care what they said. Olivia Newton-John is mine. She is still hot! we could also exchange make-up tips while we are, you know “having fun”.

SR. Everyone loves and knows about Lexxi Foxxx. But we wonder what Lexxi’s alter-ego Travis Haley like to do in a regular day?

LF. He is the same, he loves getting tanning’s, listen to metal, fix his hair so his highlighted, and you know collect lipstick.

SR. One thing everyone loves about you guys, is that no matter how big you guys get, you are still the same humble dudes from day one who hang out with fans after shows and never deny a picture or an autograph, so thanks for that.

LF. It means a lot you say that to us, because we were like you, we were kids trying to sneak in to see our favourite bands and waited hours to get closer to our idols. We have always tried to stay who we are, and not all the money or ridiculous amount of sex in the world will change that…ok maybe dthe sex could (laughs).

SR. What’s the weirdest item you have ever signed?

LF. Well, this particular item was hard to sing, as it was a complex and very wet surface to work on…yep, I got asked to sign a vagina once. (laughs)

SR. Just to finish, any message for the Fanther fans Down Under ahead of the tour?

LF. Every time we go there we get super excited, we just cannot wait to go there, see old and new friends, and just having a kick-ass time. This show is like nothing you have ever seen from us, so come over to party with us!


Tickets on sale 10am Wednesday, 28th February

Wednesday, 16th May
The Forum, Melbourne
Tickets: MJR Presents

Friday, 18th May
Big Top, Sydney
Tickets: MJR Presents

Sunday, 20th May
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Tickets: MJR Presents

Tuesday, 22nd May
Astor Theatre, Perth
Tickets: MJR Presents

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