Actor and model Kellan Lutz has made a name for himself in Hollywood with his roles in the Twilight movies, Hercules and The Expendables 3, to name a few.

Now, Kellan is ready to take over the The Osiris Child film franchise (which was filmed and produced in Australia).

The first film, The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One, tells the story of Sy Lombrok (Kellan Lutz), a drifter with a haunted past who forms an unlikely alliance with a lieutenant in order to rescue his daughter during a period of interplanetary colonisation.

We had a chance to chat with the always humble Kellan Lutz while he was in Australia promoting the film. We chatted about the production, filming in the outback, his Twilight and Expendables experience, and all the rumours linking him to a potential reboot of the He-Man and The Masters of the Universe movie franchise.

SR. What was the main thing that grabbed your attention about this role?

KL. The books are so well written, deep and fun, so when I got asked to play Sy Lombrok I didn’t think it twice. The thing I like the most about him is his unconventional past and now is in a journey of self-discovery and redemption. I liked the humanity of the character within this fantastic sci-fi universe.

SR. What challenges  you had to face while filming in the Australian  Outback?

KL. The Australian landscape is beautiful, I always enjoy coming here, everyone is so friendly. While filming we had the most amazing Australian crew leaded by our director Shane Abbess. Everything was so well organised that our only challenge was to deliver a solid performance.

Also my fellow Aussie cast members Isabel Lucas, Daniel MacPherson, Rachel Griffiths and Luke Ford made me like at home every say on set.

SR. What is the main advice director Shane Abbess gave you during the shooting?

KL. He is fantastic, I knew him for his other films Infinity and Gabriel. I was a fan of him before getting cast as Sy.

There was no direct advice, as he was always so open to try new stuff and give all the actors as much freedom as possible to bring the books to life, he really knew what he was doing, and all of us were so committed to the film that we even sacrifice part of our rates to make the project possible.

SR. Any funny story while filming?

KL. A lot goes on while filming, its hard to remember all, but my favourite thing was one of the Aussie actors who played one of the creatures who always was messing around in full character off set. We had so much fun.

SR. Your big break to fame was with Twilight. Looking back, what do you remember about your first day on set?

KL. Twilight was great, I feel blessed to have been part of that saga. The cast and crew were really helpful and we got really close to each other.

The first scene I did was actually one of my favourites: The Baseball Game. It was so fun to play while feeling to have this superhuman strength, at times I actually believed it (laughs). We filmed the game for a while, we actually ended playing almost a real match. I keep very fond memories of that day with Robert, Kristen, Peter, Taylor and the rest of the cast.

“…the casting for He-Man begins next year, I really like prince Adam and would love to be part of it….

SR. From a teenage vampire to the mighty Hercules and to an “Expendable”. What a journey you have had so far!

KL. It has been amazing and crazy, because I’ve never imagined to be in an arena practicing how to use a proper sword as I did in Hercules or working with that level of production. Hopefully that film helps me when the casting for He-Man begins next year, I really like prince Adam and would love to be part of it.

SR. So, the Master of the Universe film is definitely happening? Are you already an official contender for the main role?

KL. No, not at all. I just would love to get the chance to play He-Man, I still have to audition for the role. Sony is currently working on the script, as far as i know it might be an origin story and will begin production next year.

SR. I’m guessing you will have some competition to take home that role.

KL. I know! I heard there was interest in Chris Hemsworth, but come on!…for me he will always be Thor.

SR. “The Rock” might be a very bad-ass He-Man as well.

KL. He will be Black Adam soon, so my guess is he will be busy working on the DC cinematic universe. I love The Rock and cannot wait to see him as a comic book character.

“…Sly Stallone is a gentleman, so humble and helpful, it was so weird hearing my phone ring and see on screen that was Sly calling…”

SR. Back to my original question, how was your Expendables experience? Did you go full fan-boy on set?

KL. It was hard to control myself (laughs). Just imagine your childhood heroes are all together standing there in front of you welcoming you and telling you how excited they are to work with you. It was unreal. Sly Stallone is a gentleman, so humble and helpful, it was so weird hearing my phone ring and see on screen that was Sly calling…yes I’ve Stallone‘s mobile in my contacts and still cannot believe it.

The film was so much fun and very physical at the same time, I’d to practice a lot, especially for my motorbike scenes.

SR. The rumour says Sly left the franchise, but the studios might still go ahead with a fourth film. Do you know anything about it?

KL. Your guess is as good as mine. I know Sly left over creative differences, and don’t know if there is a way to work things over with the studios.

“…without Stallone there is no Expendables, he is The Expendables…”

It’s a shame as I’d love to return, but without Stallone there is no Expendables, he is The Expendables, and I think none of the boys would return to do another film without him.

SR. Just to start wrapping up. Can you share a funny or weird story involving any of your fans?

KL. (Laughs) this is a hard one. There are plenty, but the one that comes to my mind now I think was in Melbourne for the Twilight tour. We were doing in-store signings and the crowds were massive.

I remember being in my table singing and doing selfies, and I noticed this fan staring at me like an Apex predator ready to attack, so when it was her turn she asked me to marry her, and if we could get a photo. I just laughed and agreed to the photo. However, she had a special request, cos she pullet out a pair of cuffs and asked me to put them on. It totally freaked out security (laughs).

SR. Lastly, you have been hailed as one of the nicest actors around. You always have time to stop for fans no matter what. So on behalf of every Aussie fan I want to thank you, as we wish every star would be as down to Earth as you are.

KL. Thanks a lot. I do love fans, and I appreciate every single one of them as they allow me to keep working in what I love.

I’m a people’s person, and I love to talk, so rest assure I’ll always try my best to stop for everyone. That’s how I’ve meet beautiful and amazing people from around the world.

The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One – In Cinemas May 18

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